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The twilight Renaissance We still have. As the 15th anniversary of the books approaches, the 10th anniversary of the films has passed, and long overdue midnight sun Released at the height of the epidemic, fans of the story continue to interact with and connect with films and books.

The project of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is not the only adaptation of the vampire popular among young people. Show CW The Vampire Diariesbased on L.J. Smith books, resulted in two separate shows, originals And the legaciesand popular book series vampire academy I just received the second amendment. While twilight It may have launched the modern vampire craze, with the release of books and mods other characteristics continue this legacy and pave the way for others.

Today’s movie

With the popularity of vampire media, it makes sense that Hollywood would consider adapting another book series that has been successful. Here are three you should be Next in line to adapteven if they were previously selected.

House of Night must be a series

night house It is written by the PC duo of mother and daughter and Kristen Caste. It follows the adventures of Zoey Redbird, a 16-year-old who wakes up one morning to find a crescent moon shape on her forehead. This is a sign of a nascent vampire, so she was sent to the House of Knight Boarding School.

However, Zoey is not like other neonatal vampires. Instead of displaying the crescent moon as a blue outline, it is filled in, which usually only occurs when the guardian transitions to being an adult vampire. She also has an affinity for all five elements (fire, water, air, earth, and spirit), which is extremely rare. The series follows her attempt to fit into the vampire world despite her obvious differences as she clings to certain aspects of her human life, like her boyfriend Heath at times.

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night house It consists of 12 books, an episodic series with four books, and four new novels. With so much content, it would be better to present the series as a TV adaptation. Like the vampire academy Adapting to Peacock, the show will give writers room to include all the information over several seasons, but cut unimportant or redundant details across dozens of books. It might not be a movie franchise with 12 movies possible, but a series with four seasons.

Modification rights have been sold twice. During the original release of the books, the film rights were chosen by Michael Birnbaum (John Tucker must die) and Jeremiah Shechik (Reginald the Vampire), with Lionsgate lining up the distribution. However, this failed, and the films did not come to fruition. They have not even been cast, and based on the little information available, only the outlines of the scenarios have been written.

The next time was in 2019, when Limit Reveal the producers behind the popular Freeform series Shadow hunters Chose books for TV. Since the announcement, there has been no further news about the series. Will this adaptation also collapse? It’s not clear why these deals never hit our screens, but there may still be hope that book lovers will have an offer soon.

My blood agrees it could be a movie franchise

Although the book series does not receive the same widespread acclaim as the others on this list, it has achieved records as a self-published series. Amanda Hawking published herself my doll agreesthe first of five books, was published in 2010 alongside her other supernatural romance series, the Trylle . Trilogy.

Within the year, it sold 9,000 books a month and made $2 million, according to an article he posted. New York Times Magazine. This was practically inaudible for the self-published authors at the time. Her success led to her signing a publishing deal with St. Martin’s Press, which had traditionally been publishing her books.

my doll agrees It follows Alice, a teenager thrown into the vampire world after she meets Jack. While she seems destined to be with his brother Peter, things change when he rejects her, and she falls in love with Jack. Over the course of the books, her younger brother becomes a vampire, and the siblings learn more about their ancestors and how they might be predisposed to the vampire lifestyle.

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The series was never chosen for the movie, which is a loss. The books have interconnected themes, a different vampire concept than others on the market, and a love triangle for the ages. Likes twilightcan contain one movie per book to create a story from five movies.

May it be the desire for the next twilight

Tracy Wolff has many nicknames, but under the name Wolff byline you’ll find her Young Vampire Romance series. desperately want. The series revolves around orphaned teenage Grace, who is sent to Katmir Academy, a devious boarding school run by her uncle. Likes night houseAnd the desperately want Follow a boarding school home to the paranormal. Likes twilightGrace is immediately attracted to a vampire who holds his papers close to his chest.

The series currently contains four books, with two more books due to be released next year. Each one has a title that begins with the letter C and a cover curiously reminiscent of twilight books. While the first cover is the most noticeable due to the color scheme, the rest preserve the format while changing the background color.

Likes night houseAnd the desperately want It was preselected for the movie. Limit It announced in 2020 that Universal had defaulted on the rights, but nothing came of it. There is still time to develop the film.

While you wait to see if these mods will ever come, check out who we think is from Best character in twilight he is.

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