Week 3 Injury Report: JK Dobbins and Jacoby Myers Doubtful for Ravens Patriots

Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals

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Week three of the 2022 NFL season kicked off Thursday with a Brown win and continues with 14 more games on Sunday, meaning the 28 teams in those games gave their final injury reports for the week on Friday.

The teams playing Monday night will not release their final injury reports until Saturday and are not listed here.

Ravens in the Patriots

crows We expect you to have wide receivers Devin DuVernay (concussion) and Rashid Bateman (Personal), but leave address Ronnie Stanley (Ankle) was set to lose another match after it was listed as dubious. RB JK Dobbins (knee), CB Marlon Humphrey (Thigh), TE Possible Isaiah (Thigh), CB Marcus Peters (knee), WR James Brooch (Thigh), CB Brandon Stevens (quadrant) and Damarion Williams (Ankle) are all questionable.

WR Jacoby Myers (Knee) Addresses a list of eight questionable Patriots. s Kyle Dogger (knee), S. Joshua Bledsoe (Thigh), DB Cody Davis (hurry), DT Davon Godshaw (backward), LB Rickon Macmillan (thumb), dB Adrian Phillips (ribs), and CB Galen Mills (hamstrings) make up the rest of the group.

Billing at dolphins

The Bills dropped four defensive players for Sunday. s Mika Hyde (neck), CB Dean Jackson (neck), DT Jordan Phillips (hamstrings), the DT Ed Oliver (Ankle) It was everything exclude. WR Gabe Davis (Ankle) Doubtful, but he said He is going to play. s Jordan Boyer (ft), TE Dawson Knox (ft), c Mitch Morse (elbow), and DT Tim Settle (calf) she Also included Doubtful.

Dolphins also has a key defensive player in the injury report. CB Xavian Howard (thigh) is Listed as questionable After limited practices in the past two days. T Tyrone Armstead (toe), WR Cedric Wilson (ribs, toe), and DT Rickwon Davis (Knee) I got the same designation. TE Seitan Carter (concussion) and TE Long Hunter (Ankle) He won’t play.

black in vikings

Lions Day Aidan Hutchinson (Thigh) He returned to training on Friday and blogger Doubtful. RB Dandrey Swift (elbow), TE T.J. Hockinson (hip) and middle Frank Rajno (foot) in the same category. DL John Kominsky (hand) and G jonah jackson (Finger) He won’t play.

The rule of the Vikings S. Harrison Smith (concussion) and CB Andrew Booth (quad) This weekend. pound Eric Kendricks (toe) Listed as questionable.

Eagles in leaders

J Landon Dickerson (Ft) Listed as questionable, but the rest of the Eagles are ready to go.

Eliminate the leaders Casey Tuhill (concussion) and DT Daniel Wise (ankle). DE James Smith Williams (abdominal) and LB David Mayo (ankle) considered questionable.

heads in ponies

K Harrison Boetker (ankle) and DE Mike Dana (hurry) Outside To the chiefs this weekend.

ponies will be without pound Shaquille Leonard (backward) for the third week in a row, but WR Michael Bateman Son (Quadruple) and WR Alec Pierce (concussion) On the return. T Bernard Rayman (Ankle) is also out and DE Yannick Njakwe (return) is listed as questionable.

Saints in leopards

QB . Saints Narrated James Winston (Back and Ankle) and RB Alvin Camara (Rib) Doubtful for Sunday. CB Paulson Adebo (ankle), T. Ryan Ramsick (elbow), TE Tsum Hill (rib) and S. Marcus May (rib) is also listed as questionable. CB Alonte Taylor (knee) is the only player disqualified.

CB don’t jackson (hamstrings) and Stanley Thomas Oliver (Achilles) it is doutable To be in the Panthers lineup.

Bengals at Gates

T Lyle Collins (Back) He missed training all week, but It is listed as questionable And coach Zack Taylor is optimistic about his chances of playing. TE Hayden Hurst (Thigh) questionable and LB Jermaine Pratt (Knee) is listed as questionable.

WR . aircraft Corey Davis (Knee) is listed as questionable After limited practices the past two days. TE CJ Ozuma (hamstring) is also questionable to face his former team and George Fant (knee), DE John Franklin Myers (toe, quadrant), S. Jordan Whitehead (hurry), and DL Quinn Williams (ft) make up the rest of that group. QB Zach Wilson (Knee) He will miss at least one match.

Texas in Bears

T Austin Diculos (ankle), TE Previn Jordan (ankle), and CB Yitzhak Yadom (Thigh) outside of Texas. TE Pharaoh Brown (Shoulder), DT Owner Collins (knee) and DT Kurt Henish (ft) They are all listed as questionable.

pound Ruchuan Smith (side) questionable For the Bears after missing out on training all week. CB Jaylon Johnson (Quadrant) is also listed as questionable. pound Matthew Adams (hamstrings), S. Dean Cruickshank (hamstrings), and TE Ryan Griffin (Achilles) is out this weekend while WR philos jones (hamstring) questionable.

Raiders in the Titans

pound Denzel Berryman (Ankle) and WR Hunter Renfro (concussion) won’t play for the invaders. RB Josh Jacobs (illness) is listed as questionable, but it did not travel With the team on Friday. DT Neil Farrell (shoulder), c Andre James (concussion), s Tryvon Mohrig (hip), the DE Bilal Nichols (shoulder) Join Jacobs in the questionable category.

pound Ola Adani (Neck), S Ugo Amadi (Ankle), LB Bud Dupre (hip), and T. Taylor Liwan (knee) all out for the titans. WR Kyle Phillips (Shoulder) is listed as questionable and LB Zach Cunningham (The knee) got its only questionable rating.

Jaguar in Chargers

Jaguar CB Shaquille Griffin (Hip) Listed as questionable. They did not give any other injury designations.

QB Justin Herbert (ribs) set to be Game time decision for chargers. WR Kenan Allen (hamstrings), TE Donald Parham (hamstrings), and T. Tree Pepkins (Foot) Also questionable for chargers. CB JC Jackson (ankle) and C. Corey Linsley (Knee) is listed as questionable.

Falcons at Seahawks

J Elijah Wilkinson (non-injury related) Outside the Falcons, but no one else had an injury rating.

The judgment of the Seahawks DE Shelby Harris (gluteus, not related to injury) They included S. Joy Blount (hamstrings) and CB Justin Coleman (Calf) Doubtful to be in the squad. s Quander Diggs (Knee) is their only suspect player.

Rams in Cardinals

rams Rule c Brian Allen (knee), CB Cobie Durant (hamstring), WR Van Jefferson (knee), and CB David Long (hamstring) is out. s Jordan Fuller (Hamstring) bears a dubious sign of the weekend.

WR Rondell Mor (hamstring) and LB Ezekiel Turner (ankle) Outside about the cardinals. RB James Conner (Ankle) It will be a call to play time after a questionable label has been drawn.

Packed in the pirate

WR Sammy Watkins (hamstrings) Outside for the packer. T David Bakhtiari (knee), WR Randall Cope (disease), TE Mercedes Louis (Thigh), and WR Christian Watson (hamstrings) are all listed as questionable.

Pirates will not have WR Chris Goodwin (hamstrings) and DT Achim Hicks (Foot). As they expect TE Kid Oton (not related to injury) and T. Donovan Smith (elbow) to miss a match after it is listed as questionable. RB Leonard Fortnite (hamstrings), WR Russell Gig (hamstrings), WR Julio Jones (knee) and WR Prishad Berryman (Knee) is listed as questionable, but QB Tom Brady (Finger) No injury designation received.

49ers in the Broncos

TE George Keitel (Thigh) is set to make His first appearance season, but ji Daniel Brunskill (hamstrings), RB Tyrion Davis-Price (ankle), and TE Tyler Croft (knee) outside the 49ers. DE Eric Armstead (ft) and T. Colton McKevitz (Ankle) Doubtful.

WR Terry Cleveland (hamstrings), lbs Jonathan Cooper (hamstrings), WR KJ Humler (knee, hip), WR Jerry Goody (rib, shoulder), LB Josie Jewell (calf, knee), DE Dremont Jones (neck), G Queen Miners (hamstrings), DT Mike Purcell (elbow), CP Patrick Sartin (shoulder), and T Billy Turner (Knee) makes up a big questionable group for the Broncos. CB Darius Phillips (hamstring) is the only player left out.

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