The Hunger Games Prequel must make a big change in one book to fit the franchise

The Hunger Games prequel needs to make one major change in Lucy Gray’s book and the 10th Hunger Games to fit the action movie franchise.

Next hunger Games prequel movie Song of songbirds and snakes He needs to make one major change in Lucy Gray’s story book to fit the movie franchise. Lionsgate was very successful in bringing Suzanne Collins’ adult novels to the big screen during the 2000s. While the quartet was starring in the films Katniss Everdeen in Jennifer Lawrence ended in 2015, Song of songbirds and snakes He expands the franchise by telling him about the origin of Coriolanus Snow. The events center around Snow and his relationship with the honorable woman in District 12, Lucy Gray Bird, who is an entirely different heroine when compared to Katniss.

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Those who expect Song of songbirds and snakes To be just like the original hunger Games You might be surprised by the movie at the end of the day. Director Francis Lawrence returns to the series, but the story is more political and romantic. It’s a stark contrast to the survival/action story that unfolded around Katniss. Of course, that was the tone and hunger Games Movies“Being able to explore just how challenging in-game honors really has become has become a calling card for the franchise. Even as the story transcends the confines of a survival tournament, the films have found a way to incorporate a lot of action.

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Because of expectations that Song of songbirds and snakes Will reflect the first four hunger Games Films, the prequel needs to change a large part of the book’s focus to show Lucy Gray’s perspective during the tenth edition of The Hunger Games. Susan Collins never gives readers a chance to be inside Lucy’s mind or see the Hunger Games experience through her own eyes. Once the competition started, that meant everything was seen from Snow’s perspective while he was watching the cameras. Direct adaptation to this can be a huge disappointment hunger Games Movie lovers are expecting Song of songbirds and snakes to show life to Lucy Gray by Rachel Ziegler And other things within the game and the work that comes as a result. For this reason, the hunger Games Film prequel It would be better to change the book to show Lucy Gray’s perspective as she fights for her life.

How is The Hunger Games Lucy Gray different from Katniss

Viewers are now all too familiar with how The Hunger Games worked when Katniss Everdeen participated, but the Lucy Gray games came over 60 years ago. Comparing Lucy Gray’s experience in The Tenth Hunger Games to Katniss’ time in The Hunger Games 74 and 75 shows how different they really are. Tributes were not placed in luxurious rooms with training time but were instead left in cages in a zoo. The losses started even before The Tenth Hunger Games It officially started, as several tributes were killed during a tour of the arena and another died in the zoo. By the time the games actually started, only 14 of the 24 Honors remained. It all shows how wild the Hunger Games were in their infancy and how the Capitol worked to produce a better product over time.

An important development from the Hunger Games came from Lucy Gray, although it was the first time guides were introduced. While Katniss and other dignitaries greeted the victorious mentors from their district, Lucy Gray and other participants in the Tenth Hunger Games were mentored by the Capitol’s brightest students. It was mostly disastrous for a variety of reasons, including Coriolanus Snow’s love story with Lucy Gray. But the steering system has been improved after that Song of songbirds and snakes To create a program audience that they know from hunger Games Movies.

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