The couple who left their car dealership beg for internet joy: ‘Walk Away’

Online commentators were eager to congratulate a woman who followed the instructions of a car dealership very we will.

Viral reddit The post posted on r/MaliciousCompliance, Redditor u/dumpster_fire_15 (otherwise referred to as the original poster or OP) said she’s been in the market for a new car for months and explained how one pesky CFO extended the purchase even longer.

Titled “Don’t Like It, Leave”. The Mail It received nearly 29,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments in the last day.

“My husband and I were car shopping, as I had a car accident at the beginning of the summer,” the OP began. “Our car was neglected in the accident and it was a very long process.”

Continuing to explain that the couple had finally decided which car they wanted, the original poster said they had brought their kids to the dealership, 90 minutes from home.

The original poster also said that after a final test drive, it turned out that a sure car purchase was not at all guaranteed.

“We had another test drive and were ready to sign everything,” OB wrote. “Then the games began.” “After nearly two hours of waiting…the financial guy started trying to drive our sales over all the addon agents trying.

“We told her we didn’t want anything extra…[and] Suddenly, there is a dealership fee for selling a car to us at this time of year. Nearly a thousand dollars for that bullshit,” the OP continued. Then she stated that if we don’t like the fees, we can leave, because they have people begging to buy cars from them.

“So, my husband and I stood up to leave … I laughed at her and told her to come out and ask one of these beggars to buy [the car]O.B. added. So far the finance officer has called twice and the salesperson has called 4 times. I guess they weren’t expecting someone to get this far and then walk away.”

Although buying a car has never been a cheap endeavor, record inflation rates have made it nearly impossible for many in the United States to get a new set of wheels.

In June, data published by Kelley Blue Book revealed that the average selling price of a new car in the United States was a whopping $48,043, which is a 12 percent increase from 2021.

used carsLong seen as a much cheaper alternative to new vehicles, not much better, CoPilot reported an average selling price of $33,341 in June.

unsurprisingly, astronomical price tags Car purchases have slowed down significantly.

From January to July, sales of new cars in the United States were significantly lower than a year ago, according to auto market forecaster Marklines. And while more cars were sold in August than last, the 4.3 percent increase in sales was slight, especially after July, which saw an 11 percent drop from 2021.

However, in its viral Reddit post, the original poster said that the auto dealership claimed they had people claiming new cars, and that they simply didn’t need an OP—until she and her husband walked out the door.

The couple is upset about selling cars
The couple is upset about the car sale. Reddit’s r/MaliciousCompliance forum members rallied behind a single mom who left a dealership without a new car after a finance manager tried to incur countless surcharges.
Drazen Zigic / iStock / Getty Images Plus

During the comments section of the viral post, Redditors praised the original poster for calling the agent hoax and removing herself and her family from a financial loot situation.

“good for you Don’t fall for them [bulls**t]Redditor u/PeorgieTirebiter commented.

Redditor u/Howard_James_Dudy wrote “Play stupid games, lose on cuts”.

“When someone messes with a high-value deal, it’s the best course of action [of action] He left “Redditor u/Harmony BluehibiscusEmpire.” Because if they are such a pre-sale, it will be a lot worse after you give them money. “

Amid a sea of ​​similar comments, Redditor u/ModingusKhan has shifted focus to the human element associated with an aborted deal, inspiring a response from the original poster.

u/ModingusKhan commented, “I bet the look on their faces was priceless.”

“It was amazing,” confirmed the OP.

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