Tencent Cloud & Strange Universe signs MoU to create VR platform

September 14, 2022 – Tencent cloudRecently, the cloud activity of global technology company Tencent, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with strange universe technology, a Singapore-based Web 3.0 company, to explore various opportunities in creating experiences in the virtual world. The agreement will see the two companies working together to create an immersive, integrated, hybrid and efficient virtual reality (VR) technology platform that will help businesses adapt and thrive in a virtual environment.

The two parties agreed to cooperate in various fields, which could lead to the integration of comprehensive virtual world-related products and cloud solutions from Tencent Cloud into the Strange Universe platform. One of the Tencent Cloud offerings available to Strange Universe is a comprehensive Virtual Interactive Space (VIS) solution, which is based on real-time cloud display technology.

According to Tencent Cloud, along with Tencent Real Time Communication (TRTC), Game Multimedia Engine (GME), and digital avatar products and services, VIS also provides multi-view virtual space delivery capabilities covering virtual live broadcasts, virtual conferences and exhibitions as well as events, from Among other things, to enable companies to create various scenario templates.

Prior to the agreement, Tencent Cloud had already supplied Strange Universe with a suite of IaaS products to support its operations in the virtual world. As a result, the newly signed MoU will help strengthen the two companies’ relationship and commitment to creating a more interactive and engaging virtual community.

Strange Universe’s event platform brings together the event experiences of conferences, exhibitions, concerts, live shows, mixed media marketing, VR/AR, and live broadcasting. they website Fully compatible as a VR experience.

Commenting on the MoU, Krit Manolihagul, Vice President of Tencent Cloud International for Southeast Asia, said: “With the emergence of the physical and digital spaces, more companies are beginning to look to adapt and integrate their services into virtual worlds. Tencent Cloud has always been committed to helping companies’ digital journeys through products related to virtual world and cloud solutions, and we look forward to working with Strange Universe Technology to open up more opportunities in creating a virtual world experience. We also aim to provide support to more businesses and organizations as they adapt to the convergence of the real world and virtual worlds.”

Edmund Oy, CEO of Strange Universe Technology, added: “As a Web 3.0 company dedicated to exploring creative ideas in digital identity, practicality and interoperability, we are thrilled to work with Tencent Cloud in building an immersive virtual space. Our goal is to provide an integrated and efficient technology platform for virtual reality, By leveraging Tencent Cloud’s reliable, high-quality, and secure solutions, we have taken significant steps toward achieving our mission.”

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Image credit: Tencent Cloud / Strange Universe Technology

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