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  • As the tokamak heats up, scientists must control the runaway plasma

    Fusion researchers are working to raise energy plasma in their reactors so they can generate more power using smaller tokamak equipment. When the plasma diffuses into this highly active state, it can explode against the walls of Tocamexwhich leads to damage to its internal components. A new study conducted in Korea shows that magnetic controls […]

  • How Running Changed Me – Amy Gublerch

    Noun: Amy Gublerchage: 31hometown: Twin Cities, Minnesotaworks: Registered DietitianRunning time: 18 yearsOperation reason: I run because sports taught me that the impossible is possible. Growing up, I ran cross-country and cross-track in middle school and high school but didn’t take it seriously. I started running more and more in college and completed my first studies […]