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  • $353 million in tax credits provided for Chesterfield “downtown” projects

    CHESTERFIELD – A plan to create a “downtown” Chesterfield cleared its first major hurdle Monday when a special committee recommended receiving $353 million in tax incentives. The committee voted 9-3 to recommend that the City Council be given a tax incentive for two projects poised to create thousands of new apartments, restaurants and offices in […]

  • The acquisition should accelerate Disruptel’s path to viewers’ TVs

    Alex Quinn is passionate about improving the TV viewing experience. The 23-year-old started working in high school on an artificial intelligence program that could make smart TVs smarter, able to answer viewers’ questions about what they watch and display ads relevant to their interests. Quinn believes the agreement reached this month puts his technology closer […]

  • Trump’s 2024 presidential bid was a new wrinkle for the markets

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Former President Donald Trump’s entry into the 2024 presidential race on Tuesday confirmed the world’s “worst-kept secrets” and created another variable for markets that some investors say remains a low priority for now. Trump, who has launched relentless attacks on voting integrity in the United States since his defeat in the […]

  • Solving the Medicaid Debt Crisis Goes Beyond Medicaid Expansion, Certification Need Repair

    The fate of a bipartisan Medicare Consumer Protection bill that addresses medical debt could be linked to expanding Medicaid and certification of need legislation during the 2023 hearing. Electing a Republican supermajority to the North Carolina Senate and being shy of one seat from a Republican supermajority in the NC Senate could be a factor […]

  • Analysis: Money Before Climate. The downturn in the market has led to an exodus of ESG funds

    NEW YORK/BOOSTON, Nov. 11 (Reuters) – ESG funds have been hit by unprecedented outflows in a market downturn, as investors prioritize preserving capital over goals such as tackling climate change. The ESG, a rating applied to financing assets currently valued at $6.5 trillion, is being tested by a drop in market values ​​fueled by concerns […]

  • 1 Online Share to Buy Instead of Amazon This Fall

    Amid rampant market volatility, tech giant Amazon (AMZN) has lost more than 20% over the past month. Moreover, analysts are pessimistic about earnings per share growth. However, high-quality Internet stocks Yelp (YELP) outperformed AMZN last month and posted record revenue last quarter. Therefore, instead of AMZN, investors could consider buying YELP this fall. Let’s find […]

  • Michael B. Jordan unlocks a world of wonder in the Chase Sapphire Preserve campaign

    Iconoclast’s Fleur Fortuné runs the Droga5 campaign which showcases the points, benefits and perks of using Chase Sapphire Chase Sapphire Reserve’s brand new campaign features Michael B Jordan and will officially launch on Friday, October 28th during Game One of the World Championships. The campaign showcases the incredibly powerful Sapphire Reserve Points currency, benefits and […]

  • Analysis: Poor countries are at risk from elusive G-20 debt relief efforts

    LONDON/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The failure to make concrete progress on debt relief for the world’s poorest countries at the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington frustrated policymakers, activists and investors. Two years ago, the Group of Twenty launched the Joint Framework – a mechanism designed to provide a rapid […]

  • Column: Japan faces a royal battle with money over the yen: MacGyver

    ORLANDO, FL, Oct 23 (Reuters) – Japan’s historic intervention in the foreign exchange market on September 22 failed to stem a wave of speculative bets against the yen, culminating in a new 32-year low of $150.00 and a second round of Intervention. last week. Against the backdrop of yawning US-Japan interest rates and bond yields […]

  • Venture capital firm Maker Partners supports three new start-ups in Kiwi

    Maker Partners: Rod Snodgrass, Jonathan Reid, Marko Bogoievski and Hemant Walter-Rao. The attached photo New venture capital firm Maker Partners has raised $15 million in its latest fund as it moves to build a diversified portfolio of high-growth companies. Maker, which calls itself a purpose-driven venture capital company, has Her eyes are on the young […]