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  • It’s really cool to be a hero in Guardians of the Galaxy

    The galaxy has an unexpected new guardian, just in time for the holiday season. Kevin Bacon, 64, Make a surprise cameo last month in the trailer for “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special,” which premieres on Friday Disney +. And while there are fans and fans of Marvel They were happy By his choice, […]

  • Explanation of the Goncharov Phenomenon (1975) by Scorsese

    If you were online, specifically on Tumblr, during the weekend of November 18-20, you’ve definitely heard about it. Goncharov (1973). It is widely considered one of the Martin ScorseseA masterpiece of cinema, The Lost Mafia, was released in 1973 but was suppressed in the states for various reasons. Instead, it was not released. or in […]

  • Bruce Springsteen defends higher ticket prices for his 2023 tour

    The President finally addressed the price hike for his next tour in 2023. For the first time in his career, Bruce Springsteen, 73, Rolling Stone It chose to use Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing model to sell tickets. This allows for extreme inflation based on demand. But The fans weren’t happy With varying ticket prices—some as high […]

  • Robert Clary, latest star of “Hogan’s Heroes,” dies at 96

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Robert Clary, the French-born survivor of Nazi concentration camps during World War II who played a feisty prisoner of war in the unlikely 1960s sitcom Hogan’s Heroes, has died. He was 96 years old. Clary died Wednesday of natural causes at his home in the Los Angeles area, his niece Brenda […]

  • Shutterstock joins forces with LG AI Research to develop AI technology to revolutionize the creative journey

    By developing responsibly designed AI tools built with designers and marketers in mind, Shutterstock leads the charge in simplifying the creative process for everyone. Through the Contributor Fund, Shutterstock will continue to compensate artists for their contributions to the development of this new AI technology New YorkAnd the November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Building on […]

  • ‘Santa Claus’ (Disney+) Tim Allen shares his thoughts on retirement

    For nearly 30 years, Tim Allen He put on the suit and became the “big guy” in it Santa Clause. The 1994 Christmas classic starring Allen as Scott Calvin aka Santa, made two sequels, Santa Claus 2 And the santa claus 3: escape clause, And now a limited series, Santa Clause. Scott Calvin is back […]

  • This GNOME book project in Tucson has gained a lot of popularity

    Bill Finley exclusive to the Arizona Daily Star Come on now, admit it, even if you were a believer in dwarves, it took a while to get comfortable around one of them. Right from the jump there is the mysterious silent “G” that drives their names. There are those cold wooden eyes. Who knows what’s […]

  • Dr.. Patricia Grayhall “Making the Tours” :: Bay Area Reporter

    Beginning with her first memories of trying to fit in, Making the Rounds: Challenging the Rules in Love and Medicine is an interesting memoir and Greyhall’s first book. Like many gay people from stifling conservative places, Patricia Grayhall fled her hometown of Phoenix when she was 19 to find freedom in San Francisco. Determined to […]

  • AMC Entertainment (AMC) Earnings for the Third Quarter of 2022

    AMC Entertainment On Tuesday, it announced another quarterly loss despite higher revenue than a year ago, as it spent more on operating costs. The world’s largest movie theater chain is facing a massive debt load, diluting its inventory, and a short film release schedule. While the summer box office was strong, August and September were […]

  • Casey Anthony Documentary 2022: How to watch, release date

    More than a decade after she was convicted of killing her daughter Kylie, Casey Anthony She will finally break her silence in a new documentary series called Casey Anthony: Where is the truth?. The docuseries will be told largely from Anthony’s perspective, as it examines Kylie’s disappearance, Kylie’s death, Anthony’s arrest, her highly publicized trial […]