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  • Using AI during colonoscopy increases polyp detection rates and reduces costs

    An appendix is ​​a small growth in colon tissue that can develop into colorectal cancer. Patients with polyps have a higher risk of developing cancer in the future. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) during colonoscopy, and endoscopic camera examination, could be useful for detecting precancerous polyps, says Yoichi Mori, MD, associate professor of the […]

  • Mead School mission continues, new dean says | health

    THALAQWA – The push to train new physicians for jobs in rural communities continues at the University of Cherokee College of Osteopathic Medicine. In a report to the CN Tribe Council on September 16, Dean Dr. Natasha Bray briefed leaders on the $40 million partnership between the tribe and Oklahoma State University. “Our mission is […]

  • Azerbaijan Thalassemia Center and BGI Partner to Improve Thalassemia Screening in Azerbaijan

    day 6The tenth In September 2022, the Azerbaijan Thalassemia Center and BGI held a virtual signing ceremony for the conclusion of a cooperation agreement. The partnership aims to improve thalassemia screening in Azerbaijan through genetic technology. In early 2021, on the occasion of the Declaration of “Prevention and Control of Global Hemoglobinopathies”, the BGI Poverty […]