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  • Wearable device for monitoring metabolites and nutrients

    Today, we want to highlight an interesting development on the wearable diagnostics front: Researchers have developed A wearable device that can monitor nutrients, hormones, and medications [1]. Real-time health monitoring Wearable medical devices have increased in popularity in recent years. A few decades ago, a complex diagnostic machine capable of measuring molecules circulating in the […]

  • Azerbaijan Thalassemia Center and BGI Partner to Improve Thalassemia Screening in Azerbaijan

    day 6The tenth In September 2022, the Azerbaijan Thalassemia Center and BGI held a virtual signing ceremony for the conclusion of a cooperation agreement. The partnership aims to improve thalassemia screening in Azerbaijan through genetic technology. In early 2021, on the occasion of the Declaration of “Prevention and Control of Global Hemoglobinopathies”, the BGI Poverty […]