Swedish House Mafia Interview OBEGRÄNSAD collection from IKEA

Once it rolls 2022 credits, Swedish House Mafia We’ll look back and say “what a hell of a year”. The EDM super group consists of Sebastian IngrossoAnd the Exwell And the Steve Angelo Putting two great offers in the title Coachella Concurrently with weekendThey dropped their first studio album Heaven againThey are now embarking on a new endeavor: their own group with IKEA. Music artists and furniture design rarely overlap, but Swedish House Mafia x IKEA It’s a match made in heaven (and Sweden).

“With this collaboration, we basically wanted to create what our younger selves want – and help people like our younger selves buy great gear as they dive into becoming music producers.”

Before the solo performances and raucous tours, SHM members were curious kids with their enthusiasm for music production. The necessary equipment was not always at their disposal, so they often resorted to hacking IKEA Products to establish their own creative havens. “Growing up, we used a lot of IKEA furniture and made our own DJ tables, studio tables, and speaker stands,” Angelo Tell Highest. “With this collaboration, we basically wanted to create what our younger selves want – and help people like our younger selves buy great gear as they dive into becoming music producers.” The group’s title, OBEGRÄNSAD – which translates to “unlimited” in Swedish – is also a reflection of its purpose as it is geared towards music lovers, producers, DJs and creators with limited possibilities and unlimited creativity.

IKEA’s Swedish roots, global reach and affordable nature have convinced SHM to be the ideal partner. “There is a huge phenomenon in making music in your home already,” said Friso Wiersma, lead designer at IKEA Friso Wiersma. “Usually we have the expertise to know how to furnish a home, but we’re not experts in how to make music or how to set up a functional music space, so we helped each other out and why the partnership was perfect.”

The collection includes more than 20 furnishing solutions, all covered in all-black to reflect the signature style of EDM artists. “Aesthetics came first in this project, followed by functionality and problem solving,” he says. Exwell. “Swedish House Mafia His goal has always been to create movements and bring people into our world. This was a project that we were very hands-on with in terms of testing and creating each product rather than it being a group that we just slapped our name on to make money.”

“The simpler a thing looks, the more work goes into designing it.”

Three main elements drive the range. The first is a laid-back armchair that holds a tubular metal frame with a continuous cushion and a Bauhaus-inspired sensibility. There is also a desk with two holders for air-level speakers and a pull-out shelf that fits the keyboard as well as the record player – IKEAThe first since 1973. “We’ve made sure to be more detailed about every detail here,” says Axwell. “Take the record player for example, it’s a nice and simple piece, but note that the simpler the thing looks, the more work is done in its design.”

Elsewhere in the collection are LED floor, wall, and desk lamps, clocks designed to mimic DJ’s Halo-esque theater sets, a pair of shelving units, stands meant to hold laptops, tablets, speakers, records, fuzzy slippers and bedroom rugs, and a blanket FRAKTA stealth throw, pillow case and tote bags.

The elegant OBEGRÄNSAD industrial collection – expected to be released worldwide IKEA Shops in October – A step towards democratizing the music industry and uplifting creative endeavors. A strong EDM center understands that while many people have the power to be creative, having a space that is functional, accessible, budget-friendly and inspiring can unleash your true potential for making amazing art. So whether you’re looking to add a new vinyl player to your home for Sunday morning fun or mold yourself into the next record producer, baby no worries: Swedish House MafiaHe has a plan for you.

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