Skull session: TC Caffey throws his black tape, NFL scouts love Buckeyes and Palaie Gaoteote making noise on special teams

It’s almost time, friends.

Only the Ryan Day Radio Show, a sneak peek with the head coach and a few more articles eleven warriors Between you and a soccer game in Ohio on Saturday.

You only get 12 regular-season competitions to watch each fall, plus any post-season opportunities available to the Buckeyes. Take advantage of it.

Let’s have a good Thursday, shall we?

Welcome aboard. Before the Ohio State season started, I researched 12 new walks for the football team. I wanted to know who they were and where they came from. The most surprising information I found was the return of TC Caffey from Hubbard, Ohio.

As a sophomore in high school, Caffey rushed for 2,638 yards and 37 touchdowns, averaging 219 yards per competition and 8.3 yards per carry. He was named Trumbull County Player of the Year and was named All-Ohio First Team Player of the Year in the Third Division. Caffey finished his high school career with 4,659 yards and 57 touchdowns in 39 games.

I wondered how Caffey ended up on a favorite tour of Ohio with stats like that. Sure, he had to line up Division One schools to offer him a scholarship, but as it turns out, the most he got were opportunities with the Army, Charlotte, Kentucky and Youngstown State.

So Kavey became a member of Team Buckeye. And folks, he seems to be doing really well so far. On Wednesday, the new ball holder became the 10th member of the 2022 class to give up his black ribbon.

Kaffee is officially part of the Brotherhood, they say. While it remains to be seen how this will affect his career at Ohio State, we’ll be highlighting the tour paving his way into the program. Cheers, TC.

It is developed here. Ohio has plenty of players who could have a prosperous future in the NFL starting as soon as next season. They include CJ Stroud, Jackson Smith Njigba and Paris Johnson Jr.

This is how ESPN draft analyst Matt Miller saw it when he ranked the odds class for the 2023 NFL Draft, a group of players considered by the aforementioned Buckeyes.

According to Miller, Stroud is a legitimate first-round talent for Pro scouts, and the same can be said for Smith-Njigba. He sees both off the board within the top 10 picks in 2023. Miller doesn’t have Johnson as a guaranteed top pick but believes he has the potential to be one of two first-round tackles, along with Northwestern’s Peter Skoronsky.

Miller has also dropped the names of three of the Buckeyes – Dawand Jones, Zach Harrison and Cameron Brown – as players receive next-level front office attention. He layered all six Ohio State products into their positions:

  • Level 1: Serious First Round Participation – CJ Stroud, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Paris Johnson Jr.
  • Level 2: Possibility to raise draft boards – Zach Harrison
  • Level 3: Intermediate players can be seen – Cameron Brown and Dhawan Jones

The reason for my involvement in this is twofold, and the primary goal is to show that Ohio State has some talented players on the roster this season. Second, is that many of Ohio State’s top players this season are players who may not actually be in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Miller hasn’t written for every position, so I can’t convey his thoughts on Tommy Eichenberg, Steel Chambers, Ronnie Hickman or Josh Proctor, but I found it interesting that only six Buckeyes are listed in this article.

However, the 2024 class could be full of early-stage recruits, including Marvin Harrison Jr., Emeka Igboka, Travion Henderson, JT Tuemolu, Mike Hall and Jack Sawyer, while featuring a few veterans of the enlistment class. That’s why Ohio State is one of the best teams in the country this season and will continue to be consistently successful for years to come.

group of dogs. Palaie Gaoteote has made a huge impact on the Buckeyes’ special teams this season, winning back-to-back Players of the Week awards for his performances against Notre Dame and Arkansas State.

The Ohio State football Twitter account shared a video of Gaoteote explaining how important winning the special tag team battle is to the Buckeyes and why he’s proud to be a part of the unit.

“My mentality when I’m running on the field is to do what I can for my brothers,” Gauthier said in the video. “I look to my left and right, and I have men by my side, so I don’t feel lonely when I’m there. We also have a pack of hungry dogs. We run it all in one unit, and that’s the mentality I deal with every day.”

Gaoteote’s Ohio experience may not look quite as he thought more than a year after he moved from USC to become Buckeye. However, the veteran appears pleased to do the dirty work and deliver tough plays for his team. The program needs players like him if they want to achieve their goals.

People. traditions. Excellence. Woody Hayes once said, “You win with people.” They were wise words back then, and they are still wise words today.

Autumn sports in Ohio should carry this slogan in their locker rooms because the great men and women who run and compete on those programs win the most. In fact, six Buckeye teams are ranked in the top 25 of their respective sports this week, so they are winning Much.

Women’s hockey tops all programs as the first team in the survey, followed by football in third place, women’s volleyball in fifth place, women’s football in 21st place, men’s football in 22nd and hockey in 23rd place.

I say things Very well To exercise in Ohio now. However, being there now is one thing and another at the end of the year. Buckeye Nation expects national championships, so it’s time for those shows to prove that they are among the best of all time. Let’s check back later in the fall.

Today’s song. “Love (You Don’t Treat Me Well No More)” by Sonia Dada.

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