Nick Castellanos and Aroldis Chapman among the stars on The Pumpkin Clock

Sometimes baseball players advance gracefully and retire on their own terms. Hall of Famers David Ortiz and Chipper Jones are among that lucky group. However, the vast majority of them fall off the radar before you even realize they’re gone.

In 2018, Scooter Gennett was one of the stars of the National League. After the fight for reds And the giants The following year, he did not sign with a major league team again. Wilson Ramos, Mitch Morland, Shin-Soo Cho and Mike Fultenewicz are just a few of the people who were from the All-Stars four years ago and have been out of any MLB roster for a long time. It’s hard to distinguish when a player’s talent is no longer of major league caliber, but it’s an essential skill to have for front desks trying to differentiate between a veteran who might end up as a deal-signator and a player-turned-actor. Pumpkin.

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