NFL Power Rankings: Dolphins beat Billings for No. 1; Packers, Jaguars jump like 49ers, Chargers falter for Week 4

There is a new No. 1 team in the NFL after just three weeks of games in the 2022 regular season which is a rather big surprise. The new-look dolphins have reached the top with consecutive victories over the Ravens and Bills.

As expected, the preliminary results are unpredictable. Although some familiar forces are still close to the top, there are plenty of shocks and disappointments as all 32 teams try to figure out who they are.

From rising competitors to sliding runners, from the most accomplished clubs to the most chaotic organizations on the field, here’s the latest look at the league from best to worst:

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NFL Power Rankings Week 4

1. Miami Dolphins 3-0 (prev. standings: 8)

Dolphins has a great opening résumé with Mike McDaniel with a variety of victories – defeat, big comeback and a crushing battle of attrition. They are doubling their offensive efficiency and defensive aggressiveness to be shockingly worthy of the lead after beating the previous “best team”.

2- Buffalo Bills 2-1 (1)

The Bills controlled play volume and possession time against the Dolphins, but they made too few blunders and couldn’t finish. Josh Allen still rolled and their defense, even when trimmed well in high school, was impressive in the defeat at the Miami Heat.

3 – Philadelphia Eagles 3-0 (4)

The Eagles have blasted through what will be a proper schedule all season long as they want to go as far as taking off the Cowboys in the NFC East and compete for the conference championship. Jalen Hurts and his receivers deserve a lot of praise, but now the playmaking industry’s weighted defense does too.

4 – Green Bay Packers 2-1 (10)

The Packers had a disastrous 1 week out of their system with their defensive dominance and offensive flexibility to prop up Aaron Rodgers. They are back to prove that they are a complete team and are also on the shortlist for the NFC title.

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

5 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 (3)

The Buccaneers also did their best to craft victory with limited offensive reliability around Tom Brady but didn’t have enough in terms of packers. They are still discovering the level of their defensive identity under Todd Bowles’ leadership.

6. Kansas City Chiefs 2-1 (2)

what was that Patrick Mahomes and attacker went through some rare dysfunction when facing a district defense in Indianapolis. Their last adjustment should be to simplify their weapons a bit rather than being too bent on spreading the ball around.

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7. Los Angeles Rams 2-1 (5)

The Rams leaned a bit more defensively at Arizona but avoided a meltdown thanks to Aaron Donald and the rest of their seven-member team covering up some minor issues. Matthew Stafford is getting the essential help he needs to get her out of a little slump, too.

8. Baltimore Ravens 2-1 (11)

What about Lamar Jackson? Jackson has become a fleeting, daring absolute force once again to make up for any further problems they may encounter. The defense gives up on big plays, but they finally begin to use their opportunistic potential to make more big plays in response.

9. Denver Broncos 2-1 (12)

The offensive issues the Broncos face in trying to convince Russell Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett to the same deal is one thing, but they’ve proven they still have a strong defense backbone to get through. They are back on track to play a playoff there with the leaders of West Asia.

10- Minnesota Vikings 2-1 (9)

The Vikings were a little all over the place with their offensive identity with Kevin O’Connell calming Kirk Cousins ​​and Justin Jefferson after the first week and making way more for a rushing attack. Defense 3-4 will also be a roller coaster. But they should take their start to the season on a positive note with a pair of division victories now under their belts.

11. San Francisco 49ers 1-2 (6)

The 49ers offense caused a return to Jimmy Garoppolo. They need to find a way to be a more integrated force on the upper floors minus Trent Williams’ support for their disruptive defense.

11. New York Giants 2-0 (13)

The Giants will join the Eagles as the last remaining undefeated NFC team in Monday’s match with the Cowboys. It will determine whether Daniel Jones and the offense can be trusted to also stay in the division race.

Cooper Rush

12. Dallas Cowboys 1-1 (15)

The Cowboys shocked everyone with their strong defensive effort to make up for the lack of Dak Prescott against the Bengals. They can keep up with Micah Parsons and the friends who keep them standing behind the Eagles.

13. Cincinnati Bengals 1-2 (16)

The Bengals looked closer to the Bengals than in 2021 as Joe Burrow didn’t take the sacks and continued the passing game on the field. Their defense also responded like a powerful complementary playmaking unit could be. The next part is to make the accelerating attack roll again.

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14- Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1 (25)

The Jaguars did a full 180 with organized Doug Pederson and offensive cleverness that flipped the script out of Urban Meyer’s mayhem. Trevor Lawrence looks like he’s part of the elite bystander and all the youth related changes in defense are paying off early.

15. Cleveland Browns 2-1 (19)

Brown should have been 3-0 if not for their last two bad minutes in Week 2. Without Deshaun Watson, their attack found a way to grow more than enough with Nick Chap, Jacobi Brissett and Amari Cooper. However, Miles Jarrett and the defense could get much faster.

Brandon Staley (left) and Justin Herbert (right)

16. Los Angeles Chargers 1-2 (7)

what was that Justin Herbert plus bad ribs plus no Kenan Allen plus no real running game is not the best formula, especially when a side of injured Joey Bossa is added to bring down the running defense. The pressure is really on Brandon Staley for a team that has huge expectations.

18. Indianapolis Colts 1-1-1 (27)

The Colts pulled a classic under Frank Reich: digging deep for a big home win over the Chiefs when their backs were against the wall after two poor performances on the road. They should have more confidence in their ability to beat anyone again with a clean game plan even without dominant Jonathan Taylor.

19. Chicago Bears 2-1 (23)

The Bears don’t get any style points for Justin Fields pulling off the limited-pass attack but Roquan Smith and defense do their job to play a solid, reliable running game, even more so without David Montgomery.

20. Tennessee Titans 1-2 (22)

The Titans fell behind in a landslide victory at home with the right offensive combination from Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill. They also made the right defensive plays to rattle Derek Carr. Like the ponies, they are back in the South Asian race.

21 – Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 (14)

The Steelers don’t have enough offensive juice with Mitchell Trubesky to make up for their big defensive shortcomings without TJ Watt. Matt Canada and Mike Tomlin are going to have to get creative and maybe make a big change for rookie Kenny Beckett.

22. Arizona Cardinals 1-2 (17).

The Cardinals play a rough defense behind JJ Watt but they are still inconsistent in stopping runs and being effective in cover. Their real concern is the fact that Kyler Murray is insisting on passing first and not just making all the plays needed to win matches, despite his big new contract.

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23. New England Patriots 1-2 (18).

Credit Mac Jones and the offense of seeing the rushing attack rise again with a revolving door to receive the wire. Unfortunately, when that happened, big fluctuations occurred and Jones injured his ankle. Bill Belichick is also not used to defending with so many glaring holes.

24.New Orleans Saints 1-2 (20).

The Saints walked to the Panthers with more careless but also sometimes offensive action around the injured James Winston, leaving questions about whether they needed a change of QB. They’re also still figuring out the identity of post-Sean Payton with defensive-minded Dennis Allen.

25. Detroit Lions 1-2 (21).

The Lions will be involved in a lot of the most exciting close matches due to their explosive attack, but their defense is always a huge responsibility behind Aidan Hutchinson. There is a difference between being competitive and really being consistently winning.

26. Washington Commanders 1-2 (24).

The leaders also don’t make a quick move on QB from Carson Wentz despite having a rocky outing against the Eagles in the pass match. The real issue is defense that nothing can stop him from being pressured.

27. Las Vegas Raiders 0-3 (26).

The Raiders’ offense is certainly complicated, but they shouldn’t do well with Derek Carr early on under Josh McDaniels. They can’t afford to miss this issue and only know things early or late in games when Maxx Crosby doesn’t have much defensive help.

28. New York Jets 1-2 (28).

Joe Flacco gave them some respectable passes to activate the new attack but it’s time to see what Zach Wilson can do on the higher upside. The defense shimmered a bit in its still-developing phase for Robert Saleh.

Cordaryl Patterson Jetty FTR-12021

29. Atlanta Falcons 1-2 (31)

Marcus Mariota facilitated the attack of the Hawks with some fighting spirit to raise Cordarelli Patterson, Drake London and Kyle Bates. The defense has done a good job of over-achievement because they generally look like the NFC South Lions.

30. Carolina Panthers 1-2 (32).

The Panthers’ offensive with Baker Mayfield still left much to be desired but their defense and their own teams managed to secure victory. Matt Rhule’s relief will likely be temporary in some very challenging games ahead.

31- Seattle Seahawks 1-2 (29).

The Seahawks get more than expected offensively around Geno Smith, but their defense is poor as advertised on every level against passes and runs after an initial emotional performance in Week 1.

32- Houston Texans 0-2-1 (30)

The Texans have found a quick gem in Dameon Pierce and some young players on defense are also doing well for Lovie Smith, but it looks like they hit the QB wall with Davis Mills.

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