NCAA Football Week 2: Winners and Losers: Who’s Still Standing After Blood Week?

Blood Week (Bləd Wēk):

as specified by Close FullcastBlood Week is when the hierarchy of the world of college football is changed on one Saturday afternoon. It usually consists of multiple ranked teams upset by unranked opponents, most of the time consisting of the top ten teams losing in this way.

Boy, do we have a blood week at college football on Saturday. Three of the top 10 teams lost, and two of the top 10 national teams lost unclassified Opponents, and Team No. 1 were nearly upset in what was Fox’s most-streamed football game. Ever. Like, in the history of Fox Sports. More people tuned in to instantly see beaming Alabama players screaming the fury of a thousand angry gods by Nick Saban, who may or may not have tried to crush the football team in Monday training (more on that later).

The world of college football was turned upside down before Halloween, and while it consisted of the craziest action, it was definitely fun. Let’s get into some winners and losers.

Winners: Arkansas Running Game

Let me introduce all of you who touch. Whompin’ is a lifestyle, shearing everything in your path with a noticeable lack of grace but with an exceptional amount of violence.

Arkansas, our innovator and savior, delivered South Carolina’s tastiest kick-ass on Saturday, defeating the Gamecocks 44-30 in a game that was once 35-16 but Arkansas were the elegant kings allowed. South Carolina returns to the game once they choose to avoid playing defensive against the pass.

Arkansas ran for 295 yards in South Carolina, a SEC opponent by the way, at 4.5 yards per cart. They literally ran them over with a steam roller and then put them in reverse to make sure they got everything. Offensive coordinator Kendal Briles does a great job of putting them in useful positions, but sometimes it just doesn’t matter. Their offensive line creates such an elevation at the attack point and their skill center players do so that if you hit them, you’ll feel most of that pain.

Quarterbacks KJ Jefferson and RB Rocket Sanders are both human giants (combined are the heaviest QB-RB duos in the nation), and ran for 223 yards on Saturday. It wasn’t like they were grinding it down, 3 yards per load. Sanders’ rocket weighs 227 pounds and still does this:

Not to be outdone, KJ Jefferson is a 240-pound QB that works like bullet force in Mario Kart, and people are just wearing it. He only ran for 67 yards but every one of those yards was great:

Behold, our glorious kings.

loser: Texas A&Ma crime

Let’s Play a Game: Look at these stats and tell me which of these teams is ranked the sixth best team in the country and is expected by many to play in the New Years Six game?

I wouldn’t blame you for guessing the team on the left, but you would be wrong. Texas A&M entered Saturday as the sixth-ranked team in football, but made three blunders:

  1. Appalachian state scheduling. Mountaineers like shinobi from feudal Japan, wait for the next team who can derail them. Instead of quick hits with kunai, they just sit on you for 3 hours and make it really uncomfortable.
  2. Scheduling application status at home. This was the raw material for its manufacture. Do you now know the track record of these wild mountains? Have you not read the sacred texts? App State was set up to win matches like they did on Saturday.
  3. This is the midnight scream. It speaks for itself

Losing to App State at home while generating just 186 yards of attack and crossing midfield only twice should have been particularly shocking for Jimbo Fisher, who now has a record nearly identical to his predecessor Kevin Sumlin, including bowl wins. The offense is ancient and very complex, and does not allow the best athletes to be on the field, because abuse is like trying to solve the meaning of life. But hey, those boats won’t pay for it!

Winner: Physical Texas

No, Texas is not anymore…yet.

The Longhorns lost to Alabama No. 1 in Austin in an intense home-and-away game full of moments that certainly wouldn’t make Longhorn fans blame the referees or the Alabama deal with Satan Saban signed when he took office (the check is still cashed though).

Throughout the game, Texas had Bama on the ropes. Wunderkind QB Quinn Ewers was playing fantastically before he got injured, but the biggest takeaway was how physical the Longhorns were. We all remember this moment last year, right?

Calling out for not exercising enough in football is like telling a chef that his food is bad. On Saturday, Texas prepared a game plan up front that almost wiped out Alabama. Use of slopes in front of the defensive line (screaming for defensive assistant Gary Patterson), solid tackle performances all around, and offensive performances up front silenced a good defensive Alabama front.

Texas is still not back yet, but it’s physical, and that’s a good first step.

loser: Notre Dametransient crime

Oh man, Notre Dame. Losing to Marshall 26-21 after all the hype the Irish got before the season…not great! Notre Dame made three turnarounds in the final minutes, including a six-win pick for the Thunder Flock. I could write a lot of words about what happened in that game, but Fighting Irish’s offense is clearly lacking in juice, especially in the pass.

The Irish came into the season needing a receiver to go up after injuries deeply dented the roster, but the attack feels crowded outside TE star Michael Mayer. QBs threw Notre Dame for 221 yards. If you take out Mayer’s receiving groups, they throw them for 118 yards. Once Mayer and Lorenzo Styles’ receptions are past eight and seven, no other target has more than two stops. The Fighting Irish are in dire need of a passing game that can generate explosives, and they are putting their season on life support already in Week 3.

Winner: Jordan Addison Stock

You can go ahead and write Jordan Addison’s name in Sharpie for the first round of NFL Project. The former Pelletnikov Prize winner moved to USC in the spring, and with coach Lincoln Riley calling the plays and Caleb Williams of Oklahoma moving the ball, he could win it again.

In front of Stanford, Edison went off for 172 yards to take seven catches, which is pretty cool 24.6 yards per catch. Stanford chose social distance from Addison, and made them pay. Riley finds any way to get his ball rolling, whether it’s on screens, where speed and agility are displayed:

Or they let him off the field, where ball tracking is obvious.

Despite having a smaller frame (listed at 6’0, 175), the Addison has all the attributes of a top-level NFL receiver. His ability to create a class as well as the speed of a breakup put him on the radars of scouts in the NFL last year, and at USC he should establish himself in the first round of the NFL draft.

Loser: The Big Ten West

Travel with me to a land left by God Himself, where football is dying. Yes, Big Ten West. The department had a rough 2 week, during which all of their offensive silliness was displayed like a hook on a nude beach.

Wisconsin is ranked in the top 20, but is out of it Washington State 17-14. It’s rare to see a win in Washington State not by a million points to a million points, but Wisconsin avoids any offensive efficiency because it’s, well, the Big West. There was an extension in this game where Wisconsin switched it, only to restore confusion when the interception returned, resulting in a mere stutter playing later on that would seal the game. Football is beautiful guys.

Northwestern lost for the third time directly to Duke. in soccer. Yes, Duke is now a soccer school. It’s not just the loss that hurts me, but the way I lost the Wildcats that hurts me, as a young Wildcat. drink this inWhile I drink sorrows.

Nebraska fired Scott Frost after losing 45-42 to Georgia South at home. The Nebraska tradition of collapsing more than one main character of the shonen anime was on full display, as the Cornhuskers failed to stop the South Georgia offensive in any way. By the way, South Georgia ran the triple option last year, and now she’s shooting for 409 yards. Nebraska will need more than baby corn to save them.


The Big Ten West, everyone.

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