Miles Sanders moves on the all-time list and more in Eagles Stats

How rare is it to have four different players with a quick landing in the same game?

Who was the last eagle with a pick 6 on opening day?

Who is the last WR Eagles with more yards than AJ Brown in the season opener?

All that and more in the first week of Roob Stats:

1. The Eagles had four quick landings, which is unusual enough. It’s 23research and development TIME In the series’ 90-year history, the Eagles have scored four sprinting goals in a single game. But here’s the crazy thing: Four of the last six times they’ve done it, it’s been against the Lions – a team that’s not even in their league. The Eagles also had four rushing teams against the Lions in 2007, 2013 and 2021 – so those are four of the last nine times they’ve faced Detroit!

2007: Brian Westbrook 2, Corel Buckalter 1, Tony Hunt 1

2013: Lysan McCoy 2, Nick Foles 1, Chris Polk 1

2021: Boston Scott 2, Jordan Howard 2

2022: Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, Kenny Jenwell, Galen Hurts

When they were Steagles, they also rushed for 4 TDs versus Lions in 1943! (Roy Zimmerman, Bob Thorbonne, Jack Hinkle, Johnny Butler).

It was the first time the Eagles had four different players with a rushing TD in a game in 61 years. The last time this happened was on October 22, 1961, in a 43-7 win over the Cowboys at Cotton Bowl. Clarence Beaks ran for the TDs and Billy Ray Barnes, Ted Dean and Tyrone Sapp had one.

The last time the Eagles had 200 flush yards and four fast rushes on opening day was in 1944, when they scored 205 yards and four TDs in a 28-7 win over the Boston Yankees at Fenway Park.

2. Hurts increased his passing total and total dash to 5,452 yards in his 20 debut career. This is 13The tenthAlmost in NFL history by QB in his first 20 games. Of the 12 in front of him, he has won only six more games than Hurts, whose record holder is 10-10 (Patrick Mahomes, Tony Romo, Andrew Lack, Deshaun Watson, Dont Culpepper, Falls). Hertz’s 1,146 yards is second-ranked ever by the quarterback in his first 20 games. Lamar Jackson was 1,573.

3. As of Sunday, the Eagles had lost 24 consecutive games over 71 years when they allowed 180 fast yards and three fast touchdowns, a streak dating back to December 2, 1951, when Washington ran for 181 yards and three TDs, but the Eagles won 35-21 at Griffith Stadium. Overall, the Eagles are now 2-31 when they allow a 180-yard dash and three accelerating TDs.

4. James Bradbury became the first player to have a Pick 6 in his first game as an Eagle in 82 years. In 1940, Don Looney owned a 37-yard pick-6 from Arnie Herber in a game the Packers won 27-20 at City Stadium in Green Bay. Looney also has an 8-for-115 received with a TD in that game and remains the only player in Eagles history to receive a TD and receive a TD interception in the same game. Bradberry’s pick-6 was Eagle’s first on opening day since 2000, when Jeremiah Trotter had 27 yards off Troy Aikman in a Pickle Juice game in Dallas.

5. With 96 yards on just 13 gigs, Sanders increased his career from 5.04 to 5.1 (5.097) and overtook Mercury Morris. [5.087] It is 8The tenthat 7The tenth A place in NFL history among their backs with at least 500 carry. Tracks Bo Jackson only [5.5]Jamal Charles [5.4]Nick Chubb [5.3]Jonathan Taylor [5.2]Jim Brown [5.2] Dan Toler [5.103].

6. With 144 yards flowing on just 15 gigs, D’Andre Swift became the first player to rush 140 yards or more in 15 or less against the Eagles in 62 years (and only the second ever). On September 25, 1960, Brown’s Bobby Mitchell was 14 to 156 in Brown’s 41-24 win at Franklin Field. Swift’s 50-yard 33-second run of the season was the longest run against the Eagles on opening day since Tiki Barber earned 72 yards in the 2004 opener (two minutes before the end of the season and 21). It was the longest running distance against the Eagles early in a game since Marshall Falk collected 57 yards in his first game in the final of the 1999 season, a game that the Eagles won 38-31 in the eventual Super Bowl. Rams Champion.

7. 24 points for the Eagles in the second quarter tied with seven pointsThe tenth– Approximately in the franchise date in the second quarter. This was their most in the second quarter since they had 24 games in Miami in a 26-10 win in 2011 and their most played in the second quarter since they scored 28 in the Carolinas in a 38-10 win in 2009. Big 2second abbreviationThe quarter points came—of course—versus the Lions in that 58-37 playoff win at the Vet in 1995. Never before have the Eagles won a game with less than seven points when they scored 24 points in any quarter.

8. It was the first time the Eagles led a game by 17 points after three quarters and won three or fewer points in 59. In 1963, they led the Cowboys 24-7 after three quarters at the Cotton Bowl before winning 24-21.

9. 155 yards brown is 3research and development– Ever by Vulture on opening day and over 50 years ago. In 1963, Tommy MacDonald had 179 yards in a tie against the Steelers at Franklin Field, and in 1972 Harold Jackson had lost 161 yards to the Cowboys at Texas Stadium. His ten grips were tied for 2second abbreviation– Ever by an eagle in the opening match. Duce Staley – who was on the opposite sideline – had 11 in the 2001 opener, losing overtime to the Rams at the vet. Jordan Matthews also had a 10 – in the 2015 opening, a loss in Atlanta. Brown also broke the record for most yards by a player in his first game as an eagle. Donte’ Stallworth had 141 in the 2006 opener in Houston.

10. With a 216-yard dash on Sunday, the Eagles now have had six 200-yard rushing performances since opening last year. This is the largest number in the NFL, and only six other teams have more than one team. In the last five fast runs in the 200-yard dash, the Eagles haven’t come a single distance from a 40-yard scrimmage.

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