Memories of the Great Migration of Sandhill Cranes | Date

After perching on the Platte River near Wood River, Nebraska, sandpipers begin their daily search for food during their annual migration.

Each spring, approximately one million sandpipers (more than 80% of the world’s population) have a permanent Platte River Preserve in central Nebraska.

Shritha's poison

Sheritha Jones Omaha World Herald Chief Librarian

Chris Machian, World Herald

The annual sight and sound of cranes filling the sky and river channels – even lounging and feeding in wetlands and cornfields – attract tens of thousands of nature lovers from all over the world.

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The Crane Trust blind trial in the morning is a feast for the eyes. Watching the sun rise from the river, the flash of hundreds of thousands of cranes takes your breath away.

Let’s listen to their calls, observe their elegant silhouette, and admire how gracefully they move through the dance.

Look up at the sky or follow their trails and reminisce about the great birds that put on a big show in central Nebraska.


2008: As the sun sets, ridge-lifters arrive to bask in the Platte River at the Roe and Ian Nicholson Audubon Center Preserve south of Gibbon, Nebraska.

Jeff Berman, World Herald

5867 crane 38.jpg

2010: Sandwich trails from overnight stays on sand bars and in shallow waters along the Platte River Valley in Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Mark Davis, World Herald


2006: A sand crane dances in a cornfield before it heads to the Platte River for the night near Alda, Nebraska.

Matt Miller, World Herald

EDS: Small photo GIBBON - A sand crane plays with a piece of corn left over from the harvest near Ft.  Kearney State Historical Park South Kearney, NE, on March 13, 2008 (staff photo by Jeff Berman)

2009: A sand crane plays with a cob of corn left over from the harvest near Ft. Kearney State Historical Park South Kearney, Nebraska.

Jeff Berman, World Herald

Hall County Cranes

2004: Gary and Lana Stickney examine the view from Crane Meadow Blade during the annual spring migration of sand cranes northward.

Jeff Berman, World Herald

sandhill cranes

2012: Sandhill cranes along the Platte River near Grand Island.

Alyssa Shokar, World Herald

Crane Sunrise Z

1997: A lone sand crane flies across the rising sun south of Kearney along the Platte River.

Jeffrey Z. Carney, World Herald

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