Las Vegas Raiders’ Derek Carr says it’s ‘more comfortable’ but still adapts coach Josh McDaniels’ regimen

Henderson, Nevada – The Las Vegas Raiders’ Derek Carrwhose quarterback rating has fallen sharply in the past four times the team has changed offensive callers, admitted on Wednesday that he’s still familiar with head coach of the year Josh McDaniels’ system.

“I feel more comfortable than I did, a month ago,” said Carr, who scored 40.6 quarterbacks in two games and is his lowest since 2014.

“I mean, when you go out and do it, it’s different from the sideline. Training camp is different, right? There’s a different hour in the game because now I’m getting beaten up. I can play the movie and I have from that point of view, in the system, I have experience hearing his voice, and find out what [McDaniels] He wants me to get to him. …I want to go to exactly what he wants. … Obviously this will increase, but the sample size is small, the first two games. I hope to do some of these things where [McDaniels is] Like, ‘Yeah, that’s what I thought. Next play.’

The Raiders 0-2 After their last-second defeat to the Los Angeles Chargers and at home against the Arizona Cardinals, they started slowly at Englewood and finished poorly in Las Vegas by 20-0 at halftime. They play the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

But in the second half of the Chargers and the first half of the Cardinals, Carr’s stats stand out. In those halves, he completed 32 of 47 attempts (68.1%) for 409 yards and four touchdowns with two interceptions and three sacks. The Conquerors outnumbered the Chargers and Cardinals by a total of 36-7 in these two halves.

This is the kind of offensive production that many have come to expect of Carr and McDaniels.

So far, as a recipient Davant Adams He said, “That’s not how a football game works” in real life.

said Adams, who shot 17 goals in the Chargers up 12 yards for the Cardinals.

“That’s how I learned to play the game, and that’s how I hope this team plays.”

Carr’s QBR dropped from 56.1 in 2016 under offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave to 50.5 in 2017 under OC Todd Downing. A year later, in his first season with coach John Gruden, Cars QBR was 46.5.

Last year, with Gruden resigning after five games in the wake of the email controversy, Car’s QBR dropped from 64.3 in 2021 to 52.4 with Greg Olson calling for plays after Gruden’s departure.

McDaniels said he is “very comfortable” with Carr’s comfortable level at this point in the season.

“He treats it very quickly and then he can go out and do it,” McDaniels said. “Every week is a little different. It might not be the same things we do offensively or defensively or in the kick game we did last week. And I think for some people – and again, I wasn’t here, I didn’t go where everyone was, so I don’t really know – but I do know that for some people in different systems with different coaching staff, it’s not necessarily a big deal.”

Adams said it was incumbent on his colleagues to keep Carr comfortable.

“There’s a lot of things that come into play as a quarterback, man, and it’s tough,” Adams said. “Playing second in the game, he gets hit. Obviously, that’s something we all have to work on because that helps Derek be able to do his job and be comfortable there. Same thing, he wouldn’t be comfortable throwing the ball if the wide receivers were going down. Ball every time or…if not great calls.

“This is the most difficult position to play on the pitch. So, I am sure I will do my best to try to help him make his job as easy as possible… Everyone is doing their job to make sure he stays clean and has a clear mind to be able to sit back and help.”

Said Carr: “This is a long way off in my career, hopefully I’ll be able to grab it quickly and see something and do something [McDaniels is] He taught me. Again, I’m not perfect, by any means…but I do my best to just implement it exactly as it sees it.

“We are very close. But proximity does not count in winning football matches.”

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