Inspur Information MetaEngine, an NVIDIA OVX Solution, Announces Support for Next Generation NVIDIA L40 GPUs and Latest Omniverse Software Suite

San Jose, California – (Inspur Information, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, has announced that its NVIDIA OVX solution, MetaEngine, now supports NVIDIA® L40 GPUs And the last one Omniverse Foundation Software stack to help users build digital assets more efficiently. Inspur Information also announced its dual virtual human and digital solutions, which will enable a wide range of metaverse applications by simplifying and accelerating the creation process.

MetaEngine is Inspur Information’s primary computational basis for the metaverse. It provides the essential technologies and tools needed to build and operate the metaverse, and supports many computational workloads including artificial intelligence, rendering, simulation, and modeling. This power and versatility allows MetaEngine to meet the different computing requirements of the four main pillars of metaverse creation: collaborative creation, real-time rendering, high-resolution simulation, and intelligent interaction. Through the high-speed and unblocked network channel, it can also be extended to large-scale computing clusters.

A single MetaEngine server supports 8x fully-linked NVIDIA® L40 and PCIe Gen5 GPUs to improve performance by 2x. It also supports files NVIDIA® ConnectX®-7 Network AdapterDouble the bandwidth in and out of the server. With NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, it can perfectly combine graphics and AI computing for high-performance GPUs with access to high-speed storage and low-latency networking. A single MetaEngine server now supports 4,000 AIGC digital scenes per second, doubling the previous version. It improves the real-time display speeds of dual digital scenes by 50%, and improves the performance of virtual human speech training by 1.6x. 32 MetaEngine servers can be combined into a scalable pool with multiple scalable units that can then expand horizontally to form a larger cluster for exceptional computing performance and extremely high network bandwidth.

MetaEngine supports NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise in order to more efficiently create virtual humans and digital twins. With Inspur’s Yuan 1.0 running on the NVIDIA OVX MetaEngine solution, users will be able to create virtual humans who can see, hear, understand and communicate with people. Extensive dual digital physics simulation library makes the 3D world more imitating the laws of physics, and supports connecting more than 20 kinds of 3D tools to collaboratively build 3D assets. In the future, neural networks can be used to accelerate the automatic reconstruction of 2D images into 3D models.

MetaEngine integrates rich ecosystems. The built-in enterprise level management and coordination software provides users with a rich set of modeling, rendering and simulation tools. The Inspur AIStation resource platform, algorithm platform, and application optimization service facilitate a large ecosystem. It can support a variety of metaverse applications for different scenarios, accelerate the construction of dual digital worlds through collaborative optimization, and create an effective metaverse collaborative development experience for users.

Human virtual solutions and digital twin solutions based on MetaEngine were also launched. The Virtual Human solution integrates the complete technology and tools needed to build and operate virtual humans, and provides powerful computing, software, and artificial intelligence support to create a large-scale, highly complex, highly realistic virtual human landscape and real-time rendering simulation. The Digital Twin solution provides a highly realistic simulation environment, integrating high-resolution AI-based simulation algorithms, and building a closed loop to implement virtual true fusion of digital twins. Virtual Human and Digital Twin solutions fully integrate NVIDIA Omniverse capabilities, providing a platform for joint hardware and software optimization, enabling users to accelerate the production of virtual human animations, collaborative multi-person and tooling modeling, real physical simulation, and other metaverse technologies, greatly simplifying construction metaverse applications.

As a leading manufacturer of artificial intelligence computing, Inspur Information will continue to enhance the upgrading and iteration of the MetaEngine, collaborate with partners to create an integrated metaverse solution, and advance the development of scenario-specific applications for industries including architecture, engineering, construction, operation, game development, manufacturing, and media and entertainment.


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