Elliot Cadeau hiring: Top 2024 guard sees stocks heading higher

Elliot Cadeau is well aware that he is widely regarded as the best goalkeeper in the 2024 class – just don’t expect him to care at this point.

His plan focuses more on the future as it relates to national employment arrangements.

“It doesn’t matter where I am now in what order,” Cadeau says. “Staying at the top in my position will mean more when I finish high school. At the end of the day, the ranking is just a number next to your name, so I don’t really care about that. I feel like I have a lot to prove.”

Cadeau’s appointment is all the more impressive considering his small rating sample size.

The general sat on the 6’1″ floor throughout his entire sophomore season with a severe ankle injury and said he only hit 100% in late July at the Nike Peach Jam, racking up 15 points, seven assists and six rebounds in the game. New York Lightning. That included 15 points, eight assists, and seven rebounds against CP3 (NC), commits Kentucky point guard Robert Dillingham, 16 points, nine assists against each Ohio and combo guard George Washington III, who got out of Ohio earlier this month.

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