Edmond Sumner is looking forward to bringing grits to the nets

The day before Edmund Sumner’s wedding, he was at the gym, working out and rehabilitating his torn Achilles tendon.

The day before you fly to Bora Bora for your honeymoon in the South Pacific? He’s back again, putting in that sweat at the Indiana gym.

the net They ended the unfortunate 2021-22 season by vowing to return to their bold identity and work ethic, and one thing is crystal clear: their new goalkeeper fits the bill.

“Ed is just the most professional you’ll ever meet, meaning he never misses days. Sumner’s coach, Mike Robertson, told The Post.” Literally, this guy trained on Thursday before his wedding. He got married on Friday, and came on Sunday before leaving for his honeymoon.

“He doesn’t miss days, he doesn’t skip rehearsals. That’s a testament to who he is and the kind of guy you’ll get there. He’s just a great human being. He’ll strike the clock, and he’ll go on not only to work hard for himself but to elevate others around him. And he’s just a human of class. Global. [Nets fans] You will love him.”

For Sumner, it’s just about making sure Nets fans get a chance to love him. It was ceded shortly after it was acquired by the Nets in the October trade with the Pacers, and it did not fit Brooklyn. He returned to the team on a two-year, $4.2 million free agent contract in July. But of his $1.9 million salary this season, he only guarantees $250,000 and only $500,000 on opening night. The second year is not guaranteed.

Edmund Sumner played for the Pacers last season.
Edmund Sumner played for the Pacers last season.
The New York Post: Charles Wenselberg

In a list full of injury concerns, Sumner is one. Sumner, TJ Warren, Ben Simmons, Joe Harris and Seth Curry are all coming out of surgeries, and the first three never played again in the 2021-22 season.

Sumner spent the past year recovering from the left Achilles tear he suffered from work – naturally – in September 2021, a week before camp. After seeing how Kevin Durant recovered from his Achilles tear, Sumner chose Dr. Martin O’Malley – also a Nets podiatrist – to perform the surgery.

“I see how Kevin has come back from his injury and become one of the best players in the world,” Sumner said on The Voice of the Nets podcast. “I was like, ‘Who did the surgery? I need to go to this person! “I need to do it right.”

Even if done correctly, the road back was arduous. His rehab went from the split between the Pacers and Robertson to IFast co-owner Robertson – who also coached Glenn Robinson III, Sean McDermott and Kellan Martin.

By February, Sumner was diving again. And in June, despite his inability to play five-for-five – his strength as an open-court player – he had enough blast to impress the nets in practice. This explosion did not happen easily.

Summer not only underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy (breathing pure oxygen in a room with two or even three times the air pressure increased), but also quadrupled the usual amount of sessions.

“The standard protocol is five times a week for two weeks,” Robertson told the newspaper. “This guy, he did 40 sessions over the next eight weeks…to speed up the healing process and heal the hock faster.…he knew exactly how to attack the process.”

Unfortunately for Sumner, he is an experienced rehabilitation expert. He’s already dealt with tendinitis, ACL tears and shoulder surgeries, which is the main reason he’s only scored 108 NBA games in five years.

Sumner’s best season proved to be his last healthy one, when he averaged 7.5 points in 53 games, both career highs, in 2020-21. He is confident he will return to his open field better, but the Nets have chosen to use it or with any lineup.

“It doesn’t matter who Ed will be around. He will find a way to adapt, produce and help the team improve a little bit,” Robertson said. [fans] You will love it.

“He’ll be right where he wants to be….He’s now back to 5-on-5, and he’s getting up and down the field. The last stage is now in the habit of playing regularly, putting his legs under him….I’m sure he’ll come back and show Very well into the beginning of the year.”

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