Eagles vs. Eagles Preview Colts: 5 Q&A with enemy of Week 11

The Philadelphia Eagles It will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday afternoon. In order to preview this Week 11 matchup, I reached out to our enemies at scramble bif. cool Chris Shepherd He took the time to answer my questions about this upcoming fight. Let’s take a look at the answers. [For my answers to Chris’s questions about the Eagles, stay tuned to SB.]

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1 – Do you think Frank Reich deserves to be sacked and do you think Chris Ballard should be next?

If anyone could find me another NFL coach who started seven different players in five seasons and finished their fifth year with a winning percentage better than Reich (. 547) I would take back every positive thing I said about him. Since no one else can do that, I will stand behind saying that Frank Reich is a good football coach. I don’t think he deserves to be fired. I’m not sure what you’ve accomplished. I’ve seen a lot of Colts fans refer to last week’s win against the Raiders and declare that without Jeff Saturday, the Colts wouldn’t win the game and I have to say, that’s laughable. The Raiders are so bad that they make Indy’s offensive line look good, which is amazing. The Colts offensive line has been so bad this year it doesn’t matter who the coach is, it doesn’t matter who calls the plays, nothing will work when the streak is as bad as it has been. So no, I don’t think Frank Reich deserves to be fired. After a long (and very bad) season, would he have needed to fire him so the team could make a fresh start with a new coach? Maybe, but that’s not what you asked.

Should Chris Ballard be fired… that’s tough. Full disclosure – I met Frank Reich in 2020 Senior Paul. At that moment it was all good I had heard about the man Frank Reich. It is difficult to describe in words how sincere the man is. He could have gone from 0 to 17 and I’m still a fan of that guy. Considering how I feel about being sent off, I can’t help but feel exasperated that Chris Ballard thought starting Matt Pryor at left tackle this season would be good enough. Ballard drafted a left draft, let a good starting guard walk in free agency and pencils in a couple of offensive linemen who didn’t start at Temple (just kind of kidding) and called him good. Not to mention he’s mishandled the QB position every year since Andrew Luck’s retirement. So I’m not excited about Ballard’s roster-building strategy, but man, man can really work into a draft. I wouldn’t be sad that he’s gone, but I wouldn’t be upset if he stayed. It’s hard to find a GM as good as he is, even with the flaws he showed. It could always be much worse.

2 – Do you think the Colts miss Nick Siriani?

Without a doubt. When Reich hired Sirianni, it raised some eyebrows because no one had ever heard of him, and he wasn’t on anyone’s OC shortlist, but Reich clearly saw something special in the guy. One misconception fans have about coordinators who don’t call plays seems to be that they don’t really do much. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. They orchestrate crime literally every week. It’s a huge task. So the loss of someone like Nick Sirianni has had a negative impact on me Indianapolis Colts.

3 – Did you like hiring Jeff Saturday? Do you buy that he showed promise in his debut or that the Colts were pretty much cashing in on a product for being awful?

Did I like it? no. Do I like it now? Also, still no.

Colts fans seem to be taking a victory ride after their win over the Raiders. The. Raiders. I was at the game and spent a lot of time watching Saturday through my binoculars (because I’m officially old enough to be the guy who brings binoculars to the game and I don’t care at all what people think of him) and I thought it was weird that he kept fidgeting with Headset and talk to guys with tablet before there is really any bar to review. After the game, The Athletic’s Zack Keefer reported that Jeff Saturday didn’t know how to use a headset or tablets during the game, it turns out our head coach couldn’t use basic game day tools to trade – I was right to find it odd. Jeff Saturday did not contribute to the win in any direct way. To all the Colts fans reading this – sorry, that’s right.

There were two indirect ways Jeff Saturday helped secure the Colts victory over the Raiders. The first is the owner, after telling Frank Reich to seat Matt Ryan let Jeff Saturday pick his own starter and Jeff did what any sane person with eyes would do and started Matt Ryan. This wasn’t exactly a stroke of genius. It was the owner who allowed the head coach to start the MVP at the most important position in the game.

The other thing Jeff Saturday did, though, was put together a locker room while letting his coaches do their jobs. I don’t think Jeff Saturday did anything wrong, he was offered a well paying job that he wasn’t qualified for and he took it. I like too. It’s hard to hate Saturday, again, he seems like a really good guy. So even though I think his appointment was insane, it’s impossible to dismiss the fact that Jeff Saturday has uncommon self-awareness and leadership ability. He was able to earn the respect of his players and keep them engaged long enough to get a win last week and that’s nothing. But if he can somehow prevent the remainder of the season from becoming a fearless disaster, he deserves a statue outside the stadium. Unfortunately for the Indianapolis-based statue builders, I don’t think Jim Irsay will be commissioning this piece anytime soon.

4 – What are the Colts’ biggest strengths and biggest weakness at the moment?

Strength: Defensive Line. Specifically DeForest Buckner and Grover Stewart. Buckner is Buckner, he’s tall, he’s athletic, he’s got a lot to deal with on the inside. Everyone knows DeFo. But Grover Stewart has, for most of this season, been completely irrevocable one by one. Managing his direction is a little more successful than kneeling.

Weakness: I spoiled this earlier but it’s the offensive line. Matt Pryor has a $5.5 million contract in the offseason and has started in three different jobs on the OL. He also held three different positions. It sounds excessive when I say this, I assure you it is not; Matt Pryor is the worst starting offensive lineman I’ve ever had the nerve to watch. I – literally – can play at a similar level to Matt Prior this season. I would certainly ache, too, but for the series I’ve been on the field, the results have been the same. At left, Colts starting third-round rookie Bernard Rayman from Central Michigan. Starting Raimann is the right thing to do given the circumstances but this is only the third season of Raimann playing the offensive line and he’s been doing it, you know, against the NFL’s edge rushes. Not to mention that good-but-not-so-lifetime center Ryan Kelly seems to have turned 10 in the past 10 months – things didn’t seem so great up front. Even Quinton Nelson hasn’t been the same this season. Although I suspect there has been an undisclosed injury with Q as he has progressively played better and better each week and looks like he’s going back to the player he was before this season.

5 – Who wins this game and why? With DraftKings sports book Listing Eagles as favourites, 6.5 points, what is your prediction for the outcome? What are your expectations for the rest of the Colts season?

Score predictions are very difficult with this Colts team. The defense is really good from a legal point of view. When crime doesn’t put them in impossible situations, they can do things like limit Kansas City Chiefs to 17 points — and even in that game the Chiefs had touchdown drives of 35 and 21 yards, so even when an offense puts them in a bad spot, they still manage to keep games close. The real question is can the Colts offense limit their errors, keep the Eagles from rushing and score enough points to keep it interesting.

I think this one ends up somewhere around 24-13 eagles. Philly is much better than the Colts.

The rest of this season should give the Colts a top 10 pick, as long as Chris Ballard doesn’t use him at guard, he might be something to look forward to after all.

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