Did Augusta National Finally Lengthen the 13th Hole? It looks that way

Augusta Hole No. 13 has a new tee.

David Dobbins / Eureka Earth

Major changes are underway to the thirteenth hole in Augusta NationalThanks eagle eye Eureka EarthNow we have an idea of ​​where the new Teeing Stadium will be in the famous par-5.

After closing the course for its annual summer closing in May, Work began on the thirteenth hole, Which played as the third easiest hole in the 2022 Masters Championship. Pictures in June showed the removal of trees and the digging of irrigation ditches, apparently preparing to place the new tee.

Now, it looks like the new asshole is down as the club prepares to reopen in the fall. Check out the image below from Eureka Earth, which often posts overhead photos of the Augusta National.

The hole has historically been played within about 500 yards of championship pitches, which is adjacent to the 12th green. In recent years, the Pros have made it to the 5-bar in just two with fairway wood and a medium iron, and some players have blasted drivers over the trees on the left, covering the tributary of Ray’s stream, which runs along the left side of the fairway and in front of the green.

Augusta National

Augusta National’s new thirteenth tee? Aerial photos give us clues


Shawn Zack

The club bought the land behind tee number 13 from the neighboring Augusta Country Club in 2017.

Using the very scientific method of locating a tee position on Google Earth based on Eureka Earth images, we estimate that the new 13th hole could reach about 540 to 550 yards. A 300-yard drive from the new tee may not be long enough to get an obstacle-free corner on the green.

Google Earth

Bobby Jones intended going into the 13th green to be a “critical decision,” but these days, players seem to be losing hits on the field who aren’t trying to get to the regulated surface.

At this year’s Masters tournament, Fred Ridley, Augusta’s national president, said there was still no “timeline” for a pit change, but the club was popular when it came to changing course.

While the club looked like it started on the 13th, In addition to the changes made to the Par-3 cycle, Fast forward this summer, it also looks like there are some new technologies entering the land of tees.

Eureka Earth images from August show what appears to be a hydraulic system being used on the new tee.

Such a system could be used to regulate the temperature of the lawn, possibly to prevent a delayed frost on cold April mornings in Georgia.

The lengthening of the 13 could be the second major change to the back nine from the 5-man in as many years, as the 15th hole was lengthened from 530 yards to 550 yards for this year’s championship. The 15th edition played more aggressively in 2022 Compared to previous years with the extra yardage as players often found themselves trapped by the trees on the left.

We probably won’t expect to hear about any changes from Augusta National until next spring, but you’re sure Eureka Earth will keep an eye out.

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