College Football Cover for Philly D1 – Week 4 Edition

25 September 2022 –

Ben and Temple Post iShoot, Ben remains undefeated

Temple 28 Massachusetts 0

Noticeable: The owls looked for a quick start against the Minutemen. In their first play on the back quarterer, EJ Warner had a long pass, but it was out of Jose Barbon’s reach. Then it became a matter of UMass fatigue, and the defense did that by scoring a close, which is something the defense enjoys.

Defensively, Temple allowed 259 yards of attack, 80 yards in the air. The Minutemen albums stopped 15 out of 18 times in the third downward turn. UMass reached the 22-yard line with 5:41 to play. They lost a field goal in that direction. The crowning achievement came in the third quarter when Leighton Jordan intercepted a pass and returned 41 yards to land and lead 21-0.

Temple got onto the board in the second quarter as Warner hit Ian Stewart with an 11-yard toss. In the final score of the game, Warner went deep and found Adonicas Sanders for a 50-yard drop.

Quincy Patterson earned playing time, scoring on the floor for the second game in a row.

What do the numbers say: Patterson was the leading hacker album that earned the 52-yard net. Throwed for 33 yards. Darvon Hubbard had 51. Warner completed half of his 22 passes for 173 yards. He had 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Sanders grabbed 4 passes for 101 yards. Alex Odom and Kobe Wilson made 9 tackles each, with Odom making a pass. UMass ran for 179 yards led by Ellis Merriweather who gained 53 yards. The temple had 107 on the ground and 206 in the air.

Ben 12 Lafayette 0

Noticeable: The University of Pennsylvania recorded 2 touchdowns from one yard, and a pass from one yard to the outside. They missed an extra kick and run by a point. Ben wouldn’t need more because the defense kept Lafayette out of the end zone. The defense fired Leopards quarterbacks five times for 40 yards helping to keep Lafayette in just one yard. Lafayette passed for 241 yards.

Lafayette’s deepest impulse was the Penn 18 yard line, but they turned the ball on touchdown. Ben Heimlicher with 10 pieces of competitor, Jake Heimlicher led 7 solo.

Quakers special teams relinquished what appeared to be a touchdown penalty kick, but this was negated by two kicks on return.

What do the numbers say: Aidan Signe passed for 196 yards for red and blue. He spread the ball around completing passes to 10 different players. Tree Flowers ran for 70 yards. Ryan Schuster passed for 167 yards for Lafayette.

Monmouth 49 #9 Villanova 42

Noticeable: It can be said that the result could be Monmouth 7 relegation to 6 for Villanova’s matches. It was an offensive selling dads weekend show on the main line and their CAA opener. Monmouth led, but Vilanova would return to tie the match 6 times. Could the game turn into a defensive pause? It looked that way. The match was tied at 35 in the fourth quarter. Wildcats have recovered tumbling hawks in Nova Territory. But on the next play, the Wildcats quarterback, Conor Watkins, was intercepted. Monmouth took a touchdown from this turn and went 42 – 35. Teams traded touchdowns with the Hawks who scored the decisive touchdown in 46 seconds to play 16 yards away by Jaden Shirden. However, the Wildcats had one last chance. Watkins sent a pass toward Jaron Hayek, but the pass fell incomplete. In the last play of the game, Watkins’ pass was eventually intercepted deep in the end zone. Monmouth took its first CAA win.

What do the numbers say: Villanova’s running back, Jalen Jackson, ran for 187 yards high, and his three touchdowns are also his best teammate. As a team, Villanova ran for 292 yards. Hayek had 6 passes for 136 yards that included a 51-yard catch, Watkins’ fifth completion at 50 yards this season. Watkins passed for 239 yards and ran for 58.

Shirden posted 211 yards sprinting on 22 wagons which is a collector’s height. Quarterback Tony Muskett completed 11 of 17 passes for 161 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Villanova had 531 total offense yards. Monmouth put 482 yards.

The big number that should worry the Wildcats is that they lost 49 points for the second game in a row.


All three teams are on the road in conference matches.

Villanova 2 – 2 overall, 0 – 1 CAA next: In Maine

Temple 2 – 2, 0 – 0 Next American: In Memphis

Ben 2 – 0, 0 – 0 Ivy League next: At Dartmouth

Galen Jackson to run for Villanova

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