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  • Global Virtual Reality Headsets Market Size Will Experience Highest CAGR Expectations By 2022-2028 | Zion Market Research

    Report for Global Virtual Reality Headsets Market Analysis, Accurate Forecasts, and Forecasts 2022-2028: Revenue Analysis, Technology Adoption and Developments, Key Trends, and Market Overview The Global Virtual Reality Headset Market report is a valuable source of perceptive data for the major players, the current status of the Virtual Reality Headset market and the expected growth […]

  • 5 ways virtual reality can transform the workplace – TechTalks

    By Luke Fitzpatrick When talking about virtual reality technology, many would associate it with its uses in the gaming industry or even as an innovative way to market travel destinations. But as technology has evolved and become more widely available, we have seen its application in education, medicine, and even virtual reality in the workplace. […]

  • CBS News is pausing its presence on Twitter

    CBS News has paused its Twitter activity as concerns and confusion mount about the future of the social media platform and its content. “In light of the uncertainty surrounding Twitter and out of an abundance of caution, CBS News is pausing activity on the social networking site while continuing to monitor the platform,” CBS News […]

  • “Respectable Destiny” considers the second White House attempt

    WASHINGTON (AP) — People in the 1980s drive countries, create majestic art and perform feats of endurance, even climbing Mount Everest. The time will soon come for Joe Biden, 80 on Sunday, to decide if he has another mountain to climb — from the mountain to a second term as president. Questions now revolve around […]

  • The future is augmented reality, says Peggy Johnson, CEO of Magic Leap

    South Florida could become a hub for augmented reality, with businesses being the early adopters in the beginning, she says Written by Doreen Hemlock In our daily lives, we already use a combination of digital and physical reality when we follow a blue line on satellite maps on our mobile phones to drive or walk […]

  • Snap and Rakuten Viber go to the 2022 World Cup

    Rakuten Viber and Snap have bundles of AR lenses and interactive experiences to celebrate the FIFA World Cup. Since the two apps joined forces with AR tech last summer, activations like this often go to the two companies at the same time, ensuring that users of both platforms have access to high-quality AR content. But […]

  • Why Gen Z + Gaming = Breeding Ground for Fashion Retail Now – Sourcing Journal

    While Gen X and Boomers may struggle to figure out what Metaverse so is Gen Z fully immersed in it. Now, digital experts point out the games As a platform for brands to connect and engage with this generation. “It’s not alien or futuristic The concept is for them – it is their reality,” says […]

  • The BioFuture™ Conference brings stakeholders together for a Transformational Healthcare Summit

    The event highlighted cutting-edge technology and disruptive science for cutting-edge treatments New York, November 17, 2022– (working wire) –BioFuture™produced by Demi Colton, and received more than 625 participants, more than 140 investors, and 80 exhibiting companies. Held at Lotte Mansion New York from November 7-9 and around the following week, the event brought together healthcare […]

  • 7 technologies and products that will revolutionize health

    As people try to live healthier, the development of various technologies provides new options that can make it easier and more effective. Here are the best tech products available or in development today that can help you stay healthy and may revolutionize your wellness. 1. Wearables and wellness go hand in hand You probably already […]

  • Features, specifications, release date and price

    Do you remember Nintendo Labo? Chinese virtual reality hardware maker Pimax appears to be doing just that. Newly announced Pimax portalSwitch-like Android device with accessories that can turn it into a fully standalone VR headset. Just launched its Kickstarter campaign Tuesday. The device shares similarities with the Labo cardboard accessories made by Nintendo a keyspecifically […]