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  • A plan to provide assistance with heating and relief checks fails in the Maine Senate

    Maine Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked passage of an emergency bill to provide live checks, heating assistance and housing for the struggling Mainers this winter. The Senate voted along party lines, with Democrats supporting the plan proposed by Janet Mills and Republicans opposing it. The vote fell 21-8 to three shy of the two-thirds support […]

  • Georgia’s Senate run proves once and for all that the quality of a candidate matters

    Sign up View from Westminster email expert analysis straight to your inbox Get our free Westminster email offer Once again, we’re closing out the election season with a runoff tour of Georgia. Once again, the Democrats scored a historic victory that triggered a further shift in power in the Senate and dealt a devastating blow […]

  • Experimental Implementation of Di Measurement | EurekAlert!

    image: At Alice’s (Bob) location, the streamlined transmitter contains a laser source and encoder. The encoder modulates the phase of the optical pulses. The encoder modulation information must be monitored to determine the deviation characteristics between ideal and realistic pulses. If unreliable Charlie is being honest, he measures the signals received using interferometry. Opinion more […]

  • Water splitter solves the puzzle of producing hydrogen directly from seawater | Search

    A team in China has developed a combined desalination and electrolysis system that can produce green hydrogen directly from seawater. This integrated process uses a low-energy method to purify seawater, making it one of the first viable ways to use salt water as a hydrogen source. The purification step uses phase transitions to remove impurities […]

  • A smart device that learns to drill | EurekAlert!

    Directing a drill through Earth with the same sophisticated automation used to guide planes and cars is currently impossible because the dense subsurface material slows any instructions sent to a crawl. Two engineering graduates at Texas A&M University cut through this slowdown with an advanced smart tool that processes sensor data, displays subsurface models, path […]

  • Global Consumer Electronics Packaging Market Report 2022: Impact of the War between Ukraine and Russia

    ReportLinker The major players in the consumer electronics packaging market are DS Smith PLC, Mondi PLC, International Paper Company, Sonoco Products Company, Shenzhen Hoichow Packing Manufacturing Ltd. And Dordan Manufacturing Company, Hangzhou Xunda Packaging Co., Ltd. NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — announces the release of “2022 Global Consumer Electronics Packaging Market […]

  • Global Heart Rhythm Management Market to 2028

    Written by Katrina Hronska and Kamran Zamanian, Ph.D., iData Research Inc. More than 5.4 million cardiac procedures were performed worldwide in 2022 to manage and monitor the heart rhythm.1 Every year, this number increases due to the increasing prevalence of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes associated with the elderly. This article will discuss the main […]

  • Maryland Food Stamp schedule for December 2022 and where to find SNAP discounts

    silverkblack/Getty Images/iStockphoto Maryland residents who need help purchasing food can apply for it Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits with your state Department of Human Services (DHS). Benefits are distributed according to Same schedule every month, based on the first three letters of your last name. This is the case in December 2022 as well. […]

  • The local solar company aims to reduce heating emissions and costs

    OSAGE, Minnesota – Neat stacks of aluminum sheets, insulation and dark metal frames sit atop long tables in a quiet manufacturing facility in northern Minnesota. A group of Native American workers here are piecing together the ingredients in a green energy technology with the goal of lowering heating bills and emissions across tribal lands and […]

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families: How to Apply for TANF in Your State

    High prices from inflation It is causing many families across the United States to struggle financially, while still trying to recover from the impact of the pandemic. Now that the cold winter months are upon us, people are looking for a way to keep the heat and provide food for their families. Each state has […]