Are we going to shock prices?

Playstation VR 2: Are we going to have a price shock?

Photo: Sony

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Playstation VR 2 is the next generation VR system. PS5 accessories can be expensive accordingly. Especially in these times.

Now, we know roughly All about Playstation VR. We know the design and specifications and that the VR headset will be released in early 2023.

A big secret has yet to be revealed. The price of the Playstation VR 2, which will likely go on sale with the new Sense consoles, is still unknown.

There is a lot of speculation about the price. Estimates vary widely, but for now, the writing on the wall expects Playstation VR 2 to be a luxury accessories.

The world is in a state of emergency

It would be unlikely that the PS5 accessory would be more expensive than the Playstation 5 itself under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, Normal conditions do not prevail at the moment.

The global economy is suffering from inflation, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the consequences of the pandemic. This is still especially true of the technical supply chain. For these reasons, Sony has increased the price of the Playstation 5 in many regions. If Sony had to increase the price of the Playstation 5, what would the price pressure look like for a specialized accessory like Playstation VR 2?

The MetaQuest 2 price also ascended, for 100 dollars. As of August, the base model of the VR headset costs $400 instead of $300. The reasons are the same: high inflation and increased production costs.

Next-gen features have their price

I think the cost of Playstation VR 2 At least 500 dollars – If not more.


It’s true that unlike the Meta Quest 2, Sony’s VR headset doesn’t require a SoC or battery, and its cost is lower in that area. But Playstation VR 2 has another expensive technology built into the Meta Quest 2 that it lacks: a high-quality OLED display, eye tracking, and haptic headphones. These are features that no other mainstream headset offers.

Meta sells Casual VR, while Sony introduces the next generation of premium virtual reality. These are two completely different devices, which should also be reflected in the price.

Of course, Sony may decide to push the price down and take losses in the hope that Playstation VR 2 will sell a lot of games. But is it likely that given the current economic climate, mounting pressure from rival Microsoft, and the fact that virtual reality is still a niche, a quick breakthrough is unlikely?

Playstation VR wasn’t cheap either

Even the first Playstation VR didn’t come cheap, although its technology – unlike the PSVR2 – was already partly outdated compared to other VR headsets from 2016 when it launched. The VR headset itself costs “only” $399, but it lacks the PS camera and motion controllers, which you had to buy if you didn’t already have one. In 2017, a full VR bundle came out in the US – for $499.

For my life, I can’t imagine Playstation VR 2 with the latest technology and brand new VR consoles Costs less than $500. It is very likely that the price will be reduced later. PSVR 1 was nearly dumped by Sony at the end of its lifecycle. But this is not yet clear, because the price development also depends on demand.

The The total package cost for PS5 and PSVR 5 could be around $1,000. It wouldn’t surprise me. Advanced virtual reality has its price. Especially in these times.

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