A look at Major League Baseball’s landmarks in Milwaukee

The Brewers’ upcoming two-game series with the St. Louis Cardinals at American Family Field may be the last Milwaukee ever sees as one of his opponents, Albert Pujols. He’s looking for his 700th home career, joining the three all-time superstars (Barry Bonds, Henry Aaron, Babe Ruth) in the rarest of air.

The Pujols entered September 23 with a number 698 in his ledger and three more matches before hitting Milwaukee.

Brewers fans naturally prefer to go ahead and save the achievement for someone else. After all, he already has 45 of them against the Brewers—which, perhaps surprisingly, is the lowest of the other four teams in the National Central League (he’s pretty shy of former NL Central teammate Houston, whose Pujols has a career best against 62 blasts).

But hey, a little history might be cool too, right? right?

You may still have ticket stubs (remember that?) for some of these important moments that will happen on Milwaukee land, some for the good people and some…

List all MLB no-hitters in Milwaukee

  • Jim Wilson, Milwaukee Bravis. 2-0 win over Philadelphia on June 12, 1954
  • Lou Burdett, Milwaukee Braves. 1–0 victory over Philadelphia on August 18, 1960
  • Warren Spahn, Milwaukee Bravis. 4-0 victory over Philadelphia on September 16, 1960
  • Warren Spahn, Milwaukee Bravis. 1-0 win over San Francisco on April 28, 1961
  • Steve Busby, Kansas City Royals. 2-0 win over Milwaukee on June 19, 1974
  • Carlos Zambrano, Chicago Cubs. 5-0 win over Houston on September 14, 2008*
  • Alec Mills, Chicago Cubs. 12-0 win over Milwaukee on September 13, 2020

* Milwaukee served as the neutral location for a game that was moved due to a hurricane in Houston.

Four House Games In Milwaukee by Willie Mays and Sean Green

  • Willie Mays, San Francisco Giants. A 14-4 win over Milwaukee on April 30, 1961. At the time, he was the ninth player in Major League history to score four runs in one game, and drive in eight.
  • Sean Green, Los Angeles Dodgers. 16-3 win over Milwaukee on May 23, 2002. The Green went 6 for 6 with a record-breaking six-stroke record, scoring five additional key strokes and Record 19 total rules. He broke the last record of 18 set by Joe Adcock of the Brooklyn Braves, and he talks about it…

May 26, 1959: Harvey Haddix game Considered one of the greatest promotions in MLB

For an impressive 12 rounds, Harvey Haddix spinned what many consider the greatest game of all time, and still lost out. He retired the first 36 men he faced, but although Milwaukee Braves player Leo Burdett wasn’t perfect, he matched the Pittsburgh Pirates star with zeros during the 13th place.

In the bottom half, Braves top hitter Felix Mantella got to a poor throw by third baseman Don Hawke. Three players after an intentional walk into Hank Aaron, Joe Adcock hit the ball into the stands (although he was disqualified for passing Aaron between second and third base in the aftermath, reclassified as a double and only one RBI instead of two).

Either way, the match ended, an official 1-0 win and heartbreak for Haddix.

May 1, 1975: Henry Aaron breaks Babe Ruth’s record at RBI

He’s not as famous as the home run record, of course, but when Henry Aaron picked Sixto Lescano for third, he gave him 2,210 RBIs, surpassing Babe Ruth’s all-time mark of 2,209 (although the baseball reference has a mark on 2214 for Roth).

There wasn’t much celebration that followed, unlike the record set on April 8, 1974, Aaron, who spent the last two years of his career in 1975 and 1976 with the Brewers, later added an RBI double in the game against the Tigers. Aaron’s final match came at County Stadium on October 3, 1976, and he won his last match.

August 27, 1982: Ricky Henderson sets a stolen key tag for one season

Oakland star Ricky Henderson stole his 119th base of the year, surpassing Le Brock’s 118 set in 1974, with second base slamming in the third inning despite the pitch. He was given a hearty welcome by Milwaukee fans at County Stadium, with Brock also in attendance, and stole three more bases of the game before Milwaukee won 5-4.

He finished the year with a record 130 steals, and the only player to come close to that is Vince Coleman with 110 in 1985 and 109 in 1987. 1992.

July 31, 1990: Nolan Ryan’s 300th win

At 43 years old and already one of the greatest shooters of all time, Ryan threw 146 shots over 7 runs and claimed his 300th career victory, considered one of the sport’s most sacred achievements. He allowed three runs (one had) six by eight as the Texas Rangers easily prevailed, 11-3, even though six of their runs came in the top ninth place.

September 9, 1992: Robin Yount hit number 3000

This one is unforgettable. Yount, the Milwaukee Brewers player and player, scored another of the sport’s great achievements when he hit his 3000th goal against Jose Mesa and Cleveland.

The match was marred by a delayed downpour and a ninth-inning collapse that resulted in a 5-4 loss, but it was still a magical night when Yount’s seventh song made history. He became the third youngest player to reach 3000, behind Aaron and Ty Cobb.

September 1998: The Home Run Chase Between Mark McGuire and Sami Sosa

They won’t be remembered because the final home runs from the infamous 1998 season where Mark McGuire and Sami Sosa competed for the record for one season, but there was a wild stretch in Milwaukee from September 18-23 as the Brewers faced the Cardinals and McGuire for three games followed by Sosa and the Cubs for two .

McGuire hit his 64th and 65th run of the year, both technically setting new single-season records two days after his 62nd homer in St. Not to be outdone, Sosa trained his teammates on September 23 against Roque and Rod Henderson to tie McGwire in 65th place.

The only game Milwaukee won in that period was the second against the Cubs, Fondly remembered as “The Brant Brown Game”.

McGuire finished the year with 70, and Sosa, who topped McGuire with his 66th homeowner two days after leaving Milwaukee, is 66.

September 7, 2010: Trevor Hoffman’s 600th hit

Trevor Hoffman, who had clashed in the second of two years with the Brewers and wasn’t called up regularly as he got closer, got a chance to save his 600th career, becoming the first loyalist to reach the milestone. The 42-year-old grabbed the 4-2 victory over the Cardinals and set off a spirited celebration. He finished his career with a score of 601, a mark only surpassed by Mariano Rivera (652).

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