5 things to look forward to this jazz season

We are just under a month away from Utah Jazz Season opener. The Jazz players are starting to head back to Salt Lake City before the start of camp starting a week from today. Looking at this upcoming season, there is no doubt that it will be very different from the past decade or so. All signs point to the Jazz winning many matches. for every Vegas Insider, an over/under of current wins for the 2022-23 season is set at 26.5 which is the lowest of five in the NBA. The Jazz went from a 50-win standing team to a bottom feeder at incredible speed. While the Jazz probably haven’t won many games this season, there’s still a lot to look forward to.

new young talent

The Jazz have tried to run in a championship for the past few years. They did a very good job, but they just couldn’t do it. Instead of continuing to hit the dead horse, they swapped the dead horse for a shiny new pony. This pony has the looks of Colin Sexton, Jared Vanderbilt, Ushai Agbaji, Laurie Markanen; The players are all in their early twenties and all have some great talent in basketball. Lauri Markkanen recently started with an amazing Eurobasket performance, being one of the most exciting players of the entire tournament.

He trails only Giannis Antetokounmpo in points per game throughout the tournament, scoring 28 points per outing. He did so by shooting 54/40/90 splits, taking Finland to their first European Basketball Championship appearance in the quarter-finals. Of all the different guys that jazz has gained over the summer, I’m personally most excited to see Lauri Markkanen.

Colin Sexton seems excited to be in Utah. He appeared at the University of Utah football game on his first weekend in town, along with a few other players. Sexton is another guy who’s just a fun player to watch play basketball. His efforts, energy and athleticism are definitely something to look forward to this season.

Simone Fontecchio is another exciting player to watch for this season. Like Markkanen, Fontecchio had his fair share of dominating play during the FIBA ​​Eurobasket. Fontecchio’s type gives Joe Ingles some positive vibes. A smart, brave and world-class player who made his NBA debut in his late twenties after some professional experience in Europe. It worked out really well for Joe Ingles, so we’ll see if Fontecchio can follow in Joe’s footsteps in Utah.

Fire the flamethrower

Assuming he isn’t traded and actually stays at Utah.. Jordan Clarkson will be very interesting this season. I really hope it still stands, because the flamethrower will be completely unleashed. Its green light turns to the green we’ve probably ever seen. With an average of 30 points per game, an all-star bid, two 50-point bids, what’s the maximum? Apparently Jazz isn’t planning to win many matches and compete for an accessory spot, so JC could just be JC’s allllllllll season long, infinite.

Highlights of Victor Wimpanyama

As a team likely to go downhill this season, all jazz fans should be familiar with Victor Wimpanyama. Most, if not all, NBA fans in general are probably familiar with him, as he has been described as the best player in the NBA since LeBron James. It seems like every day there’s a new clip of him coming out playing which is totally ridiculous. This guy is weird.

If jazz is going downhill this year, it’s because of it. The jazz front desk has stock draft picks and fresh assets, opening up the possibility that they’ll make a huge trade for the #1 pick in next year’s draft even if they don’t land it in the lottery. Sounds like a good idea, but then again most teams in the league are probably thinking the same thing. This guy is a generational, and fans of jazz in the mix are sure to land him next summer.

tank embrace

From my point of view, tanks are not very pleasant. Not trying to win every game you play feels really weak and weird to me. Without saying “we’re fighting,” jazz is definitely showing all the signs of the tank this season, and that’s okay. If you think about it, it doesn’t really make sense to start a team from scratch with a new coach, new players, new (cool) shirts and expect them to compete for anything. Even if the goal is to make the playoffs, what is the goal? As mentioned earlier, Jazz has a chance to pass a player from generation to generation in next year’s draft (plus some other good players) and build around it. Danny Ainge explained that Jazz is in a rebuilding mode, and that their focus is on building a championship team for the future. This will take some time, and unfortunately a lot of losses. With each loss, just imagine there is a taller Rudi Gobert who can dribble and shoot like Kevin Durant..which makes it a little easier.

Once upon a time a jazz man, always a jazz man

I know a lot of fans wouldn’t agree with this, but I’m really excited to see ex-Jazz guys in their new bands this year. It’s interesting that they all belong to teams that have a very good chance of being good contenders this coming season.

Rudy in Minnesota, Don in Cleveland, Royce in Brooklyn, and Joe in Milwaukee. Really any of these teams could appear as favourites at some point in the season depending on how things go. The Jazz team invested a lot in these guys while they were here, and they created some great memories in their Jazz costume. It may not be for everyone, but seeing them succeed in new places is definitely something I look forward to.

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