12 Maui beaches are highly vulnerable to coastal threats from sea level rise

Maui County.

Dozens of beaches in Maui County have low adaptability to withstand the effects of sea level rise and coastal threats, according to data collected by the Maui County Department of Parks and Recreation.

The study covers 65 beach parks and is now available online with an interactive map showing park facilities, sea-level rise areas, flood areas, sand deposits and other features. It also identifies potential adaptation strategies for each park.

“The mapping tool is extremely useful for our residents as well as for Parks and Recreation Department staff,” Mayor Michael Victorino said in a press release announcing its online availability. “With climate change, we can’t start too early to plan for sea level rise near the offshore assets in Maui County.”

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Three beach parks on West Maui-LaunyobokuAnd the UkumehameAnd the Wahikuli side of the road gardenIt had the lowest adaptive capacity to withstand the effects of sea level rise, based on five indicators of vulnerability.

The study identified each indicator with the following explanation:

  • garden area: A measure of the area of ​​parks subject to chronic coastal flooding and land loss by 3.2 feet in sea level. The exposure area for sea level rise depends on projections of passive inundation, erosion, and annual high wave rise with sea level rise.
  • timing: A measure of when a park will be exposed to two projections of sea level rise by 2050.
  • Beach migration: A measure of the availability of sand materials and sand dunes to facilitate the migration of beaches towards land and sustainability with sea level rise and the provision of coastal protection services.
  • Garden facilities: A measure of the number of existing structures, parking lots and major structures, in the garden such as pavilions and exposed restrooms in exposure area of ​​sea level rise With sea level rising by two feet.
  • Access to the park: A measure of highway and open road mileage to chronic coastal flooding and land loss with a rise of 3.2 feet in sea level.

The 12 beaches with low adaptability include the following, along with specific indicators of vulnerability for each location:

  • Laonyoboku Park: park area, park entry, migration to beach, timing.
  • Ukumehame Beach Park: park area, park entry, migration to beach, timing.
  • Wahikuli Wayside Park: park area, park entry, migration to beach, timing.
  • Honokowai Beach Park: park area, beach migration, timing.
  • Hoʻokipa: park facilities, beach migration, timing.
  • Kamehameha brick palace (former construction site) near the port of Lahaina: park area, shore migration, timing.
  • Mai Buena or Lao Memorial Park: park area, park access, timing.
  • bookūCalo Beach Park: park area, beach migration, timing.
  • sōHaku Park: park area, beach migration, timing.
  • Bwamana Park: park area, beach migration, timing.
  • Hanakaʻōʻō . Beach: Montazah District, timings.
  • Kalipolibo South Park: Montazah District, timings.
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There were 39 beaches that fell into the medium or yellow adaptive potential category, and 14 had low or green adaptive potential, according to the data.

Maui County residents can now review an online study of sea level rise and other coastal threats for 65 beach parks and adaptation strategies for each park by visiting https://www.mauicounty.gov/BPVAStudy.

The project is ongoing and the site will be updated as future phases are completed. The parks included in the study are:

  1. Duke of Maliu Provincial Park
  2. Charlie Young Park
  3. Charlie Young Park car park
  4. DT Fleming Park
  5. hi baldwin park
  6. sweetness garden
  7. Hana Beach Park
  8. Hanakaʻōʻō Park
  9. Helen Hall
  10. Hualuha Park
  11. Honokowai Park
  12. Honomanu Park
  13. Hoʻokipa Park
  14. Kahanoi Village Garden
  15. Kahkili Beach Park
  16. Kakahiya Garden
  17. Calama Park, Cove Park
  18. Kalipolipo Park (North)
  19. Kalipolipo Park (south)
  20. Kamaʻole i
  21. Kamaʻole I & II car park
  22. Kamaʻole II
  23. Kamaʻole III
  24. Kamaʻole point
  25. Kamehameha brick palace
  26. Kamehameha Ikki
  27. Kanahā . Beach Park
  28. Kaunulu Park
  29. Kaunakakai Lighthouse Garden
  30. Keʻanae حديقة garden
  31. kiawakapo beach park parking
  32. Kinoliu Garden
  33. Kupolani Provincial Park (Maui Arts and Cultural Center)
  34. Kupolani Provincial Park (Maui Botanical Gardens, YMCA)
  35. Cow Bay Beach Park (blue tiles)
  36. Lahaina Civic Center
  37. Lahaina Court Garden
  38. Laonyoboku Open Space Park
  39. Laonyoboku Park
  40. Māʻalaea Haycraft . Garden
  41. Mai Buena or Lao
  42. Makena Landing
  43. Malama Cultural Park
  44. Malo Oulu or Lili Park
  45. alychee park one
  46. Palauia Beach Park
  47. Papalaua Wayside Park
  48. Papuhaku Beach Park
  49. Pococalo Beach Park
  50. Wetlands in Bukokalo
  51. Pawela Lighthouse
  52. Bohakou Beach Park
  53. Polo Beach Park
  54. Poʻolenalena . Park
  55. Bwamana Park
  56. South Malwaka Beach Park
  57. Ukumehame Beach Park
  58. Ukumehame shooting range
  59. Ulua Mokabo Beach Park
  60. Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Hall
  61. Wahikuli Wayside Park
  62. Waiho Beach Park
  63. Waiho Golf Course
  64. Willia Beach Park
  65. Wepuilani Park

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